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A Man-to-Man Talk On Beards!

To beard, or not to beard? That, is the question.

By Tiger DragonPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

Man to Man Talk.


Wassup man (lol), quick talk about beards, regardless of what society says or other people say, beards are 100% normal and supposed to be on our faces, nature doesn't make mistakes, meaning there's a reason for everything that grows whether on land or on your face.

Let's be honest, one of the reasons (others include looking "clean" "attractive" "professional" ) we shave our beards and don't give it the time to grow into one, is to try and hold on to the fountain of youth!

Ironically having a "baby face" is seen as a compliment when you're over 30, 40, 50 because it means you look youthful and our society values youth so much that we spend billions a year to look like youngsters through "anti-ageing" products (most are lies BTW). How many movies and T.V. shows did we see growing up where it was a big deal that the teenage boy got to learn how to shave from his dad, not to style it, to cut it clean of.

Holding on to the youthful look was my main reason for not growing a beard too, but, in the last few months, I've grown a beard for the simple reasons of... I've never done it before... so let me see what it's like, let me see why our bodies have been created in such a way, let me see and feel the benefits, let me connect with my body. If I don't like it, I can easily shave it off which is the beauty of our technologies nowadays.

How does it feel? One feels more confident with accepting... I'll repeat... ACCEPTING "growing up" and being a "man" we were born to have beards so it's obviously apart of what we were created to look like

Of course a "man" DOESN'T HAVE TO have a beard, if you've read my previous blogs you know how much I understand man is just the physical aspect of the person, masculine/feminine is an energy, Hillary Clinton to me is a masculine woman more than she is feminine for example because of her traits and Russell Brand has more feminine than masculine energy, she's still a woman and he's still a man. If I shave mine (beard) off I'm still a man and some of us can't grow beards at all anyway, so fair enough.

As for it being "unclean," cause of some silly article that went around, highlighting dirt found in men's beards under a microscope! Imagine what you'd find on your hands or any part of your body under a microscope... sheesh, newsflash... ANY part of your body will be unclean if you don't wash it, imagine if you didn't wash your hair?... so umm... wash it... simply get the soap out and lather!

My main reason to see what a beard feels like to be honest was because many (probably all) ancient civilisation's knowledge, a topic I'm heavily into, had said that the hairs on our head including our face, are antennas that help receive information from nature, Sun, Trees, the universe and stuff you know... nature... and why wouldn't it? Our facial hairs and hairs on top of our heads are directly linked to our nervous system! So when we shave our face or cut our hair it's like cutting off parts of our brains...(well...kinda...it's cutting off potential).

Why does the wise man in films always have long hair and a long beard?...

...Curiouser and Curiouser.

Why would you be more scared to fight someone with a shaved head than a bro with long hair?

It's hard to get angry when you've got a fuzzy pillow attached to your cheeks!

Simply being more in touch with your physicality will help you better understand yourself, understand who and what you are, what you like and don't like with your body; it's a journey I know all boys and men should accept.

So men, in closing, all I'm saying is if you can grow a beard, but like me, you had never ever grown a full beard before, just try it, and see how it feels, because you may be surprised about the changes you feel from within.

P.S People still say I look young for my age WITH the beard, proving that "age" is a feeling, feel young inside, look young outside, as within so without.

Peace and beard (for now?).


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