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A Low Calorie Count Myth

by Aria Loves 3 years ago in diet

The More the Merrier

A Low Calorie Count Myth
You are what you eat. Be whole.   How to tone your curves healthily.  

Trying to lose weight or cut your calorie intake but nothing is working? Keep decreasing how many calories you eat every day but you still bloat and feel less energy? Replacing some of your meals with snacks but still can't fit into your favorite pair of jeans? Try to compromise your 1 can of pop for 1 ZERO calorie soda and your weight doesn't improve at any measure? Maybe it's not so much the amount of calories you are eating, but the kind of calories you eat. Maybe many know this and maybe many don't, but sometimes it's the more you eat that determines how much weight you will lose, and what kind of weight you will keep.

Ever try go to on a low calorie diet in an effort to lose weight? On average a person needs 2,000 calories per day, and trying to eat less won't necessarily decrease your body fat. When our body doesn't have its needed amount of well-balanced calories per day, our metabolism isn't going to break down all the foods we did eat the same. If you trade your 250 calorie full-grain bread sandwich with vegetables and protein, 110 cal. 1 1/2 cups of fruit, and a natural beverage (reverse osmosis water knows best) with 99 calorie sweet granola bar and ZERO cal. soda, unless its natural and your dessert, you're only going to eat more later, and won't have accomplished your weight/muscle goals! Not only will you not lose the amount of weight you're trying to accomplish for your perfect belly tone with your sit ups, your body is actually going to hold onto and store the fat that it has because it hasn't digested enough to get and keep your metabolism going and calories burning. Studies show that if you eat 2,000 calories per day in more meals and less proportions each time you will be more likely to lose the weight you need to, and not to mention feel better and healthier! But if you cut down to one small meal a day in effort to lose weight, your body will not only hold onto the pounds you hope to shed in an effort to convert it into energy throughout the day, but you won't feel any better.

Staying hydrated throughout the day is key as well as ingesting three well balanced meals a day consisting of natural organic and whole foods. That quick to eat processed bread with cheese over that full balanced turkey cheese salad? Pick your choice but if you're trying to lose weight the less processed foods the better especially if you exercise a lot and try to tone your muscles! The less processed your foods are, the easier it is for your body to break them down converting them into energy, body muscle, or fat. So the next time you're trying to shed some weight or get toned for bathing suit season or to go on vacation, think twice. The less amount of calories you eat, and the more amount of processed foods go into your daily habits, the more body fat your body will retain and store! Doing almost the exact opposite of helping you lose weight. Keeping your diet whole and natural instead of processed "reduced calories/carbs" might cost a few extra bucks at first but in the long run you, your energy, your favorite jeans, and perky curves will be glad that you did it!

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Aria Loves
Aria Loves
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