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A list of how Social Media & Smart Phones is infecting our minds faster then bacteria.

by MJ 2 years ago in social media
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Negative Media

Social Media/Smart Phones is known to have a very significant impact on society as of today. It has and will continue to impact our life's on so many levels until we are made aware of the potential harm it can cause and put an end to it. Let's get back to real human one on one connection and appreciate someone's presence, respecting and value everyone's time. Let's use social Media/Smart Phones in a more positive way. Here is a list of how and some examples that people are using it in a negative way.

1. SM(social Media) generates millions of dollars for advertising for company's to target people to spend their hard earn MONEY more often then they regularly do.

2. DISCONNECTING from the people around you. We have all seen this and or is guilty of it. When you go out you will see families and couples on their smart phones scrolling through messages, replying, texting, posting etc on their smart phones and not truly connecting with the people in front of them.

3. SM kills the GENUINE COMMUNICATION in real life. An example of how. Someone special to you has a special occasion coming up a birthday, anniversary or a special accomplishment that means the world to them. Back before social media we go to a store and select a card out that we think they would like and write a message pertaining to that celebration and we take more time out to deliver them to the person or mail it. All that took was time and effort out of that person day and not to mention to remember the occasion. Today we take out our smart phone and see a notification reminder to write on there Facebook wall about that occasion. That took about 3o seconds and to top it off you really did not remember but society is satisfied with a message on Facebook lol beautiful right? I don't know about you but it wouldn't mean much to me.

4. HARMFUL to our MENTAL & SPIRITUAL HEALTH. People spend more time and energy trying to capture the perfect picture to post on social media to empress others and to project their life to seem way more better then what it really is. These people are more worried in filtering, Photoshopping, taking pictures over and over, Fixing hair and make-up because social media has it as the new style, look and trend. It also causes overthinking making people compare and despair. It will cause a psychological addiction, making users dependable on their accounts for attention.

5. You can seriously DAMAGED YOUR-SELF EMOTIONALLY. You break up with your ex and you find your self stocking their social media account and you happen to see that he or she is posting pictures and having the time of their life and or he or she is posting pictures of someone else or even see comments of some type of flirting that will emotionally upset you and alter your thoughts and mood and may cause harmful actions. We have to understand that there are people that likes to use social media as a tool and or revenge to get people angry. Another example you had a fight with a friend and boom you look at social media and the person posted something negative about you pertaining to the argument mostly like it will cause more drama and could lead to something physical. DO NOT USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR ANY NEGATIVE REASON AND DISREGARD ANYONE IN YOUR LIFE THAT DOES!

6. SM has been came the new RELATIONSHIP APPROVAL! have you every been told or over herd a person saying this "OMG you guys are now Facebook official, congratulations!". Society is more at eased and happy to be in a relationship status on Facebook then to be introduce to important people in their partners life. Now that is sad.

7. Nothing in your life that you share on any social media platform or smart device is PRIVATE! anything you post, share and send will get you unwanted attention, oversharing and unwanted opinions. Things will get back to a person you have blocked because someone knows someone and or created a fake account and or someone will speak of it. If you want to be truly happy keep your personal life private and keep things that you want to share very limited.

8. It can interfere with your ability to THINK INDEPENDENTLY . Have you had a conversation and your talking about a specific subject and can't remember a certain word so you grab your smart phone a googled it? thinking and trying to remember a certain thing is exercise for our brain, we need it just like our body needs food to operate properly. Society has become so dependent on it that we now look to our phones just to remember a simple word or phase.

9. It can and will easily POISON YOUR SELF-ESTEEM. When scrolling through social media you will look and analyze and compare our self to others and how they look, their hair style, to their make-up brand they may use, down to outfits and they way they talk to the way they carry them self's. You'll find your-self with wanting to alter your psychical image just to be has hot or pretty as he or she because that is whats in trend now. It has poison our image of how a beautiful women should look and how a handsome man should look. If you don't know this by now let me educate you more. Yes appearance can be important but never allow it to be more important then a persons character. Someones beauty/handsome face and body will fade eventually but their ugly character will always remain.

10. Research has found have found that people with an ADDICTION to their phones and social media have a harder time interacting and holding a relationship down to just engaging to a simple conversation.

10. Recognizing any underlying problems that may support your COMPULSIVE BEHAVIOR. Have you had problems with alcohol, drugs, gambling, partying, men and or ladies in the past? Your smart phone and social media can trigger these addictions just by looking at a post and or picture of friends doing these things that will bring back memory that will trigger that feeling you get when your body releases dopamine.

11. Social media has now made it more easier then ever to hook up with strangers online and tremendously have a impact on CHEATING on your partner. It will start from randomly stumbling on a picture that was attractive to you, to commenting, to personal DM, to exchange personal numbers then to meeting the person and engaged in to a psychical act. It is also by far very DANGEROUS! you don't know whom you will encounter and not to mention everyone paints a certain image of them self's online.

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