A handful of sweet guilt

by Priya Rajeev 7 months ago in diet

Bite size sugar hunger

A handful of sweet guilt
Best buddy for sugar craving.

“Chocolate is happiness that you can eat,”quoted by Ursula Kohaupt. “Chocolate is comfort without words,” again quoted by Ursula Kohaupt. Those are true statements according to me. I can never imagine my life without chocolate in any part of my life.

Imagine this. You are alone in a peaceful place watching your favorite movie on tv, and you have your favorite sweets and candies next to you with a drink. You dip in your hand in the candy jar and are popping those candies in your mouth like popcorns, without feeling any guilt of health issue or having a toothache. That was one of my favorite childhood dream which I was able to fulfill once I became an adult. Now the history repeats with my children having the same dream.

I love sweets, especially the bite sized ones. That helps with my cravings and satisfies me as well after a few bites. Even though I have a sweet tooth, I strongly disagree to buy and eat bite sized candies without wrappers. Most people find it easy to buy the bite sized ones without wrappers in a whole sale deal or bulk package. But my opinion is that when we buy large quantities for less price, we will have no control over our sweet intake. It will affect our health and we will feel guilty of having so much sugar, putting your health in danger. This is the issue of becoming an adult. We think too much. We check the calories, we check the carbs, we check everything that is on the nutrition information on the back of the item. When you see your kids having the sweets of their liking, even though you feel like forgetting everything and damn your health, the subconscious mind of yours won’t let you spoil yourself anymore.

If those candies had wrappers then we will atleast know how much we ate by counting the number of wrappers on the floor. Also we might stop eating after a few bites because we will be too lazy to throw away those wrappers in the trash bin. Laziness becomes a strength when it comes to this matter.

One good example and one of my favorite candy without wrappers is chocolate coated raisins. You will buy the big tin of those from Costco and will dig in by taking a handful of those sweet little temptations.

We will never know how much we had because we will be eating them like popcorns. This affects our health. But if we buy the bite sized candies like snickers, Milky Way, Mars, etc. which you get in bulk during certain seasons like Halloween, Christmas, etc. you can have them in a controlled manner and no health issues thereby.

I sometimes wonder why are the bite sized candies put up for sale in bulk during these seasons. We can’t buy two or three just for satisfying our cravings because you won’t find any.

The kind of packaging without the wrappers are just smart marketing strategies where the gain is only for the company. But if we buy wrapped bite size candies, both us and the company will profit. They will get their money and we will be able to satisfy our sweet tooth in a healthy way. Instead of those shiny wrappers they can atleast wrap them in parchment kind of biodegradable papers. That will only cost them a little. No waste of money on printing or on the foil wrapper paper and less waste on the planet. I think that’s a good deal.

Everyone likes it the easy way, but here, in this case, my opinion is slightly unpopular compared to the majority of people.

Priya Rajeev
Priya Rajeev
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