A Guide for Staying Active During Your Winter Holidays

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Winter holidays don't have to equal falling out of shape.

A Guide for Staying Active During Your Winter Holidays

Winter is the time when we all get a little bit lazy. Cold and wet weather make us wait out the winter, so we can enjoy outdoor activities. However, that is actually not necessary, since there are many things you can do in winter to stay active inside and outside your home.

Therefore, instead of waiting for nicer weather, discover the beauties of snowy days, and winter charm. And to help you with that, here is a guide for staying active during your winter holidays, and loving every minute of it.

Skip the elevator from time to time.

One of the ways to stay active during winter is not taking shortcuts. This means that when you have an opportunity to be more active than usual, you should take it. If you live or work in a building with an elevator, simply take the stairs.

You don't have to go all the way on foot, but even a few floors will get the blood flowing, and the endorphins will boost your mood. Stairs are also an excellent way to strengthen the legs, and get them ready for nicer weather when you can hike or cycle. Just make sure you know your limits, and don’t overexert yourself so you won't decide to give up and continue using the elevator.

Walk in the snow.

There is nothing more fun than stepping in the white snow, and hearing it crunch under your feet. So, don’t use snow to stay inside, but rather to go out for a hike, and enjoy some marvelous sights. If you have kids then you will have more fun, since they truly know how to celebrate snowy days, with sledding and throwing snowballs.

If there is a national park near you, go snowshoeing with your friends, which is actually what people call winter hiking. You will need the right footwear and a set of poles, as well as some warm and waterproof clothes, but other than that you will be in for a treat. Frozen landscapes are definitely a sight to remember and you will be in awe of the snow-covered valleys sparkling in the sun.

Socialize in person, not via social media.

Usually, during winter, we spend more time indoors in front of TVs, computers, and overusing our smartphones and tablets. This keeps us in a sedentary position, which has many health risks from heart diseases to gaining weight. Also, it can affect our mood quite a bit, and that is why many people feel down in winter.

To avoid this, forget social media and texting, and go out with your friends and hang out. Going for a walk, movies or drinks is much more beneficial than looking at social media accounts, and finding out what’s new that way. Nothing can inspire us more to stay active during winter holidays than having fun with your friends and family, playing charades or building a snowman.

Try winter sports.

Winter sports are a great reason to travel on a vacation, and engage in a physical activity that is exciting and good for your body. In recent years, going on Japan, New Zealand, South America or Canada ski tours has become a sort of a trend in the world. The most popular sports are skiing and snowboarding, and anyone can do it no matter the previous experience.

Ski resorts are surrounded by incredible landscapes, and clean air, which also helps to clear your mind, and find other activities like hiking in the mountains or canoeing in the lake. There are some destinations that also offer bobsledding, or if you are really fit, you can try cross country skiing. This involves gliding the snow-covered and frozen landscapes uphill and downhill, but it’s an activity even a novice can do.

Perfect Indoor Exercises for Winter

There are many forms of exercise you can do up to 30 minutes and on daily basis to stay active during winter holidays. The most recommended one is yoga which has numerous benefits for body and mind, and it doesn’t even require a lot of space. Yoga combines moves, meditation, and breathing technique that will help you relax and stay fit at the same time.

Another way to stay active is by working out to aerobic or HIIT training videos, but this will require a bit more space, due to jumping and moving around. However, one perfect indoor activity is going to the gym, where you can consult with a trainer and use professional equipment. Not only will you be in a better mood, but also you will control your weight and feel great.

All In All

Winter is not a bad season, and it carries a lot of fun things to do indoors and outdoors. So, instead of using winter as an excuse to be lazy, go on a trip to ski, or build a snowman with your children. In no time, you will discover the fun side of winter that in the end, you will be sorry to see it go away.

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