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by anthony edmond 6 months ago in mental health

A tale of a mans journey through his mind

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What does a mans heart say in a moment of betrayal? Is it safe to say his emotional state is going to be affected in multiple ways. I am goin to take an educated guess and say absolutely. Can a person ever truly recover after an experience of that nature? The answer is yes I believe they can and also have the oppurtunity to evolve as well.

Through the experiences that I have personally endured in this life, I would think it is safe to say that I have come full circle through these stages of self growth. There are levels to the understanding that comes through cyclic behavior if one chooses to pay attention to the details of his inner dialogue and how it unfolds.

Not only do I feel I have evolved, I fell I have involved as well. On a quest for understanding of self I have went through multiple stages of enlightenment. Some have been truly euphoric and others have been so completely metaphysical to the point where the actually questioning of my sanity took place.

When one becomes fixated on what he is studying or whatever mystery he is unraveling it becomes second nature for us to compare and contrast with our own personal experiences. In my opinion it is in our individual perspective the activates the ability to evolve to higher forms of consciousness.

There has been moments to where I had become either so totally aware of everything I was connected to that I was in a state of higher consciousness, "which I found to be the case after further investigation" or completely delusional, which is a frightening experience.

Some refer to this as the Dark night of the Soul and it is a complete reflection of one's self and all he has done, witnessed, participated in and so on on a subconscious level. All of our memories that were stored away or forgotten, due to trauma or some other psychological diagnosis seem to surface and are forced to be dealt with to move further in the evolution of our soul.

There are experiences in most individuals lives that are events we are not proud of or that we are so ashamed of we have a hard time holding ourselves accountable for them. This is all apart of the process that cannot be avoided or the inner growth will not take place.

When we work through theses traumas we not only grow as human our soul grows as well. We must face these events and find forgiveness for our self in order to complete the process.

We are chosen to heal this earth from the ailments it has endured but without doing the necessary work on our inner beings how can we in turn become examples for others to show that this seldom chosen path is actually possible to achieve.

Basically all I am saying is love yourself enough to do the work, I have and will continue because remember it is a life task....

Many nights I lay awake in the solitude of my thoughts contemplating my next move. The realization that I am a vessel containing two souls in one is a profound understanding,

My entire life I was in the search for my other half of my soul until I came under the realization that once I started to search within my self is where I found my other half.

To balance the hemispheres of the brain is to understand the polarities in all things. Even God has a shadow or according to universal law the energy would be non existent.

I see myself in you and I see you in me we are all family some of us alien to this plane but still connected through the golden ratio of existence and what a joy it is to be on this golden highway. I hope that everyone of you find your way here.

By Felipe Correia on Unsplash

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anthony edmond

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