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A Complete Guide to Bioidentical Testosterone Therapy for Men

Benefits of Testosterone Therapy in Men

By Harbor Compounding pharmacyPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Thanks to scientific research and the latest technology, being old in the twenty-first century is not what it used to be. They have enabled us to live longer, feel better, and take advantage of every minute we have just by optimizing our health. Bioidentical testosterone therapy is one of the essential components of optimal health, especially for men over 40. Testosterone therapy can be the key to living your best life.

What Are Bioidentical Hormones?

Bioidentical hormones offer an answer for men experiencing low testosterone levels. These hormones impersonate your body's naturally producing testosterone right down to its chemical formula. Not at all like traditional hormone therapies that are made using synthetic means, bioidentical hormones are produced from naturally occurring plants.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is meant to recalibrate your body's hormonal levels. Restoring testosterone levels through BHRT helps achieve significant benefits. Most importantly, BHRT makes it possible to enhance your body's functioning and overall health.

Is Testosterone Therapy for Men Safe?

This is the most common question asked about testosterone therapy if it is safe for men? Yes, it is safe and effective for men. According to research, there are some traditional uses of BHRT for men that can cause unwanted side effects. It is essential to determine which methods are modern and customized BHRT methods to avoid them. Following are a few studies that prove this statement.

● According to a few studies by Mayo Clinic, there were several beneficial effects of normal testosterone levels on cardiovascular risks and mortality. Testosterone therapy for men proved helpful for reducing obesity, fat mass, waist circumference, and improved glycemic control.

● According to a National Institutes of Health study, no existing data supports the connection between bioidentical hormone therapy and worsening cardiovascular functioning. They showed that BHRT is effective when hypogonadism is diagnosed and treated correctly.

● The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists also concluded that BHRT does not present a safety threat as long as men receive a proper diagnosis for low testosterone and receive treatment from an experienced clinician. They also stated that testosterone therapy could offer significant advantages for hypogonadal men.

● The European Medicines Agency works like the FDA in Europe. It confirms no proof of the increased danger of heart issues with testosterone medication.

Significance of Testosterone?

A male body without testosterone relates to a vehicle without gas. As an essential male hormone, testosterone has a significant role in a man's well-being, reproductive health, and overall health. This explains why testosterone is frequently marked "the most fundamental male hormone." It controls numerous components of a man's physiological functions:

● Stamina

● Libido

● Energy

● Health drive

● Bone mass

● Muscle mass

● Red blood cells production

● Fat distribution

● Sperm production

Yet testosterone's role isn't strictly physical. The adult male brain is designed to think, function, and execute when optimized testosterone levels. Any imbalance of testosterone affects a man's lifestyle quality because of its expansive range of functionalities in the body. Indeed, even with the best exercise and dietary patterns worldwide, the patients couldn't get better. Low testosterone levels keep them down.

Being "Normal" Doesn't Make You Healthy.

Indeed you don't wake up one day with an illness. Chronic symptoms worsen progressively over time. They possibly present extreme risks to your life and well-being if neglected. Consoling yourself that you're "normal" makes a false feeling of safety that causes you to ignore the apparent effects. With regards to testosterone, inadequate levels are easy to identify. The genuine advancement comes in distinguishing low testosterone levels that are actually "normal" and asking yourself, "Is this ideal?" Even if your bloodwork shows testosterone levels that are, in fact, alright, they won't remain as such for long.

The Importance of Optimal Testosterone Levels

Loss of testosterone doesn't occur overnight. The testosterone levels of a man diminish gradually, starting from the late twenties or early thirties. By the time they reach their forties or fifties, it's impossible to ignore its effects.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, especially after thirty, you could likely be suffering from low testosterone:

● Weight gain, especially in the chest and belly

● Decreased muscle mass

● Sleep disturbance

● Depression, anxiety, and irritability

● Lack of focus and brain fog

● Reduced libido

● Erectile dysfunction

● Reduced energy

Optimal testosterone levels allow you to age slowly regain your well-being. Work with an expert specialist who modifies your testosterone replacement treatment to your optimal testosterone levels. It won't take long for your well-being to be regained.

What is accurate testosterone replacement therapy?

Testosterone exists in various forms in the male body. The serum testosterone provides the overall testosterone count profile. On the other hand, free testosterone accounts for 2% of the testosterone active in the body.

There is no specific formula for testosterone replacement therapy for all. You have to work with your doctor to assess your free testosterone levels and investigate your optimal levels based on your body's reactions. When you and your doctor distinguish your optimal testosterone levels, you can get ready to enjoy the following elements:

● Increase in sexual desire

● Enhancement in sexual performance

● Decreased risk of heart attack and stroke

● Reduced risk of Alzheimer's disease

● Reduction in visceral fat

● Increase in lean mass

● Enhanced cognitive function

● Improved focus and energy

Testosterone therapy can transform all these aspects of your life naturally!


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