A 7 Day Workout Plan

Get fit this February with this workout plan.

A 7 Day Workout Plan

Holiday season has ended and now is the time to burn off all the chocolate, alcohol and desserts from the Christmas time. There are endless ways to do this, switch on your workout playlist it’s time to hit the gym.

Workouts are all about enjoyment while also improving the physical side of your body, maybe you’ll find you enjoy running the most or find that weights are more your thing, whatever it may be sitting around is not going to lose them pounds. The key to beginning this is by making a plan, it’s not always the most efficient or productive way to stick to one workout or constantly change between them, a plan is the way to go. Furthermore, going to the gym isn’t all you can do, it’s key to maintain a healthy diet and make sure you’re getting the nutrition you need to see results. The final key element is sleep, your body must have the correct amount of sleep in order to function at its full capacity and this is important for weight loss programmes as well. Combine the three and you’re well on your way to having a healthier body, but, do not copy another person, everyone’s body is different if it works for one person there’s no guarantee it will work for everyone.

Alongside working out its important to maintain a healthy diet, often the best most healthy meals can be easy to make especially if you have a slow cooker, if not it might be a good investment to make. You should have three meals a day and two snacks between the meals.

Day 1:

The first day is key to start positively and to gain momentum, this should be the start of a new you. The first day you should begin with weight training, by doing weight training and ultimately getting stronger means you burn more calories while doing basic exercises or chores therefore you’ll be burning more calories day to day and this is the perfect way to go, in the long term.

You should also be doing few sets but lots of reps per set of weights for example 3 sets of 10 is more efficient than 6 sets of 5. Some exercises you could put into your day 1 plan could be; incline dumbbell press, barbell bench press and box step us and this will get you on your way to becoming a stronger and healthier person.

The meals for day one could be eggs for breakfast, with milk to drink alongside. For lunch, some form of salad could be on the menu with a yoghurt between the meals. Between lunch and dinner hummus with carrots or breadsticks should be consumed. For dinner fish should be made in any form and with any healthy side such as salad.

Day 2:

Day 2 is all about beginning to burn the calories, the best way to go about this is to run, for example sprint interval training or just a long distance run in general with intervals where sprinting are a basic idea for this and therefore are probably the most efficient ways this can be done. One way you could go about sprint interval training could be do 20 seconds at full sprint with a 40 second moderate sprint and repeat this 10 times. This is the beginning of burning calories and becoming a leaner healthier body, but an important day in the seven-day plan.

The menu for the second day should begin with fruit as this is the perfect healthy way to begin the day, the snack could be cheese of some form. Shortly followed by some meat such as chicken with another cheese snack followed by a turkey dish to end the day. This will set you well on the way to be having a healthy diet to accompany your workouts.

Day 3:

By day 3 it’s key to have found what stands on the way of you getting a healthier body and therefore it’s important to plan a way to get around it, beat in mind it might not be anything within the work out but could be sleep pattern or even diet. Day 3 should be a carefully tailored to you person needs depending on the challenges you face. If you haven’t found any troubles within your workout, triceps should be the area aimed at improvement and some exercises you can do for this could be: weighted dip, skullcrusher or dip machine however there are other alternatives. However, it’s important to make sure you do lots of reps within minimal sets such as 12 reps and 2 sets of each exercise.

The third day of the healthy diet should be either egg or omelette followed by a yoghurt of some form between breakfast and lunch. Once again salad should be on the menu at lunch, this can be any form of salad. The second and final snack of the day should be some form of cheese sticks such as mozzarella. Finally, dinner should be seafood such as prawn or shrimps as this is a key part of the diet and therefore this will be helping you on your way to becoming a very healthy person.

Day 4:

Day 4 should be day one but repeated, learn lessons from what went well on day one and look to improve your posture and even the weight of the weights. Day 4 should be a reflection on day 1 as well as setting new goals for the coming days of the workout plan, these should be SMART targets (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relative and Time bound) this will give you an aim to look forward to as well as giving a deadline for you to meet your goals.

The beginning of the fourth day should begin with a fairly casual breakfast as simple as toast this should be using brown bread however it’s still simple to make and can be made quickly even before possibly heading to the gym to do your daily workout. The first snack should be a low-fat yoghurt, followed by beef at lunch. The final snack should be yoghurt once again. Final meal of the day should be a fried meal with some form of meat such as chicken and this should have vegetables such as mushrooms and onions to ensure it’s a healthy meal.

Day 5:

The fifth day is all about intensity, the intensity should be high and the calories will be getting burnt quicker than ever. If possible this could be good to do alongside some friends or a group of others as this will help motivate each other to become fitter individuals. It is key to ensure you don’t have sugar levels that are too high as this will put you at a disadvantage during the plan. So as part of the high intensity plan it’s important to ensure there are lots of reps and less sets. Examples of exercises you can do are; lateral raise, dumbbell shrug and barbell clean and press. An example could be to do 2 sets of 15 reps at a high intensity. This will allow you to gain muscles as well as losing weight therefore day 5 is ticking both boxes.

On day five, breakfast should consist of eggs and multiple eggs in total, the first snack should be yoghurt before lunch which should consist of turkey for example this could be in a turkey burger with a side of salad. The second and final snack of the day should be cheese or cheese stick this should be between lunch and dinner. The last meal of day five should be a fish dish this could be such as salmon as this is a good way to end the fifth day.

Day 6:

The sixth day is the final testing day of the programme as this is cardio. The most important part of day 6 is to test both of your systems aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic is when you are using oxygen, while anaerobic is without. Therefore, to do this you should be doing a straight run for example running for a solid 10 minutes and write down how far you get, this is key as in future weeks of the workout you can compare to this and attempt to beat it therefore you can track the progress compared to previous weeks. Also, to complete the workout you should another exercise of burpees or star jumps, this should last for 75 seconds and you should count how many you do once again so you can compare to previous weeks of the workout, therefore giving you an aim for upcoming weeks.

Day six should begin with once again, eggs, this should be followed up some fruit such as grapes or raspberry or even both this is key to being healthy between meals. Lunch should be a salad made up of many different vegetables and possibly a dip on the side such as sour cream. The final snack of the day should be a cheese dish with different cheeses. Finally, dinner should be a chicken meal ideally served alongside salad.

Day 7:

The final day of the workout plan is the day of rest, it’s important to give the body rest to ensure its ready to go again, without giving the body a key day of rest the muscles can become strained and might even tear. Rest and recovery is key to allowing the body to be ready to begin the next week, typically the rest day should be on a Sunday therefore meaning day 1 falls on a Monday however it’s important to make sure it suits you so therefore should Sunday not be a day possible to rest do not skip it just reshuffle your plan to find an alternative.

On the day of rest, it’s important to maintain the healthy diet, the final day should begin with oatmeal followed by some hummus and carrots as this is healthy way to have the first snack of day. Lunch should consist of salad and this is an easy meal to make or even buy ready-made. The final snack of the seven-day programme should be a low-fat yoghurt followed by a pork dish to finish the week and ultimately finish the programme.

It’s important to ensure this programme lasts for more than a single week to ensure the best results however it’s important to change it up, roughly once a month.

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