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7 Tips You Must Follow To Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

by Rachel Blindauer 3 days ago in beauty · updated 3 days ago

Simple Tips to Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

7 Tips You Must Follow To Protect Your Skin from Sun Damage

Ever wondered just what you could do to help your skin stay safe when you go out in the sun? Whether you go to the beach, the ski slopes, or just out for a walk, daily sun exposure can cause severe damage to the skin without you even knowing it. Here are 7 real tips to help you get the protection you deserve.

Top tips to protect your skin from sun damage

Funny enough, some of these tips for protecting your skin from sun damage are going to be expected -- like SPF. Others, like going for the astaxanthin supplement, will come as more of a surprise. But both and all of the others are going to be essential for helping your skin stay safe!

1. Expose your skin bit by bit: One of the biggest mistakes people make is just to throw off the sweaters and long-sleeves and head out in the sun with arms, shoulders, collarbones, etc., and simply expose it all. The better choice is to help ease your skin into it by doing it in stages. For example, roll up your sleeves to the elbows. The next time, try short-sleeves. Then shoulders/collarbone, etc.

2. Cover up after a while: Even if you are lathered in sunscreen, you’ll still want to cover up after a time. The more sun your skin takes, the more likely the damage. Roll the sleeves down, put on a hat, etc. Give it a break every few hours, or get to some full-covering shade. This will give your skin time to rest and recharge so that you can go out again in a bit if you need to. Plus, it’ll often physically feel better, too.

3. Adjust your diet: Did you know that adding supplements to your diet can help protect you from the sun? Astaxanthin supplements, for example, are going to seriously boost your sun protection! This powerful, natural antioxidant works as an internal sunscreen and will also help destroy free radicals that can cause damage and destruction inside, too!

4. Choose our sunscreen wisely: Not all sunscreen will offer you the same protection that you deserve. The lotion will protect differently from a gel, and gel will go onto your skin differently from lotion and traditional sunscreen. Then there’s the aerosolized sunscreen to factor in. Choose a form that is going to be most comfortable for you. As far as rating is concerned, look for the protection of SPF 50+!

5. Be watchful of reflected light: Whether it’s water at the beach, concrete, or snow, reflection of UV rays offers as much danger as the actual sun’s rays! Make sure that you put sunscreen over all of your exposed skin to factor in reflected rays. The more angels it comes at you, the more damage it might be able to cause.

6. Get SPF in as many beauty products as possible: You can now find SPF in all sorts of beauty products. From morning moisturizers to lip balm, to even some foundations! Any protection will be excellent protection, so make sure that you think about that when you’re due to buy some new beauty products.

7. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate: Hydration isn’t just for your body’s dehydration when you are in the sun all day. It’s also for your skin! Our skin needs proper hydration to help keep it strong and elastic. If you don’t hydrate before, during, and after, your skin can’t protect itself as much as it could otherwise.

Aftercare is as important as preventative care

If you are out in the sun all day, even if you re-applied your sunscreen and did “everything right,” you still might end up dealing with some sun-related issues. For example, a mild sunburn, dry skin, dehydration, etc. It happens. Take care of yourself after the fact by hydrating and applying a natural balm after sun exposure to help ease the comfort as the skin recovers.

Remember that UV rays can cause a lot of harm to your body. Recent studies suggest that modifying your sun exposure and addressing protection means can help protect you internally and externally from UV damage. Since this is strongly connected to premature aging in the skin, it’s more important than ever. For the best results, fill your cosmetics with SPF products wherever and whenever possible, and blend that with something like astaxanthin capsules to help you do even more!

Your skin does a lot for you to help keep you healthy and strong each day. Now it’s your turn to give back by learning about and implementing these top ways to help protect your skin from the sun and the damage that it can cause!


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