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7 Healthy Lifestyle Habits of Successful Professionals

by Emily Kennedy 2 years ago in lifestyle

A Guidance to enhance your Healthy Living Standards

Now, it’s no secret that wealthy professionals have certain characteristics and habits that make them successful. This means they don’t spend their evenings watching back-to-back Netflix shows, or splurging whatever is left of their income after bills on takeaways or luxury items. Successful professionals are generally successful because they follow healthy and productive routines which work in harmony with their entrepreneurial lifestyle. Follow these 7 tips if you want to improve your productivity, lead a healthier lifestyle, or live like an entrepreneur to see what it takes!

1. Get those 8 hours in

I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that getting a regular 8 hours of sleep in each night is beneficial in so many ways. We’re all guilty of staying up later than we should because the T.V show we’re bringing ended on a cliffhanger, or because we desperately needed to do something important that just couldn’t wait. Sleep should be a priority if you want to have a successful and productive day. Professionals such as Warren Buffet and Jeff Bezos swear by regulated and quality sleep schedules. This usually consists of going to bed early and getting up early. If you fancy waking up at 4.30 every morning, give it a shot. If not, aim for those 8 hours of beauty sleep if nothing else.

2. Spend your free time learning new things

Learning new things can be fun and exciting, but the fact is, many people just don’t have the time or energy after work to add another task into their day. Get out of the mindset that learning is a chore. Use your free time wisely and fill your brain with new and exciting knowledge. Take up a new hobby, or try out an online courses to gain a qualification. It’s true when they say “knowledge is power”. Chipping away at something new will stimulate your brain each day and you’ll feel more accomplished. Even better, you’ll also have something new to talk about at the dinner table.

3. Meditate regularly

Now, stay with me. I know that meditation isn’t necessarily for everyone, but it’s proven to be extremely beneficial to those professionals with hectic lifestyles. Meditation doesn’t have to mean setting up 72 scented candles and aromatherapy oils that you can’t pronounce. It can be as simple as taking time each day just to breathe. Taking time out of your schedule to reflect on positive experiences, worries and just to be present, is great for the mind and the body. Some of the biggest business professionals swear by the rewarding properties of taking time out of your day to reflect and be mindful.

4. Having boundaries

Do you know how to say no? If you do, then you’re halfway there. Many of us struggle to turn down opportunities or events when they don’t serve us. Usually, expectations and existing pressure are to blame for this. Knowing when to say no is a key skill of professionals. It’s important to gauge when to put yourself first and realize that the opportunity might come at a cost of your well being. Now, there’s no guidebook on what you should say yes, and what to say no to. That is entirely up to you. It’s a learning process that’s difficult to master, but your future self will thank you when you do. Try and build your confidence to go with your gut feeling, despite your fear of what others may initially think.

5. Eating a balanced diet

I’m not going to tell you that you can’t eat carbs, or that you need to eat 16 obscure fruits every day. Eating a balanced diet is purely personal, and it will vary for each individual. That being said, if you’re looking to boost your productivity and success, try and fill your diet with fruits, vegetables and whole, unprocessed foods where possible. Top this up with a recommended 9-13 cups of water a day and you’ll be good to go. This combination will help keep your brain functioning optimally and you’ll be fueled throughout the day.

6. Exercising regularly

Many individuals around the world have become accustomed to a sedentary lifestyle. Sit at desk. Eat lunch. Sit at desk. Go home and sit on couch. While running a marathon each week is likely to do more harm than good, getting up and about several times a day is a good start. Ride a bike to work, or head out on a walk after dinner. Furthermore, stretching is great for muscles and joints if you’re sat down all day; your body will thank you for taking 10 minutes in the evening to stretch and loosen up. After doing any form of exercise, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to face whatever the day throws at you. Most business professionals find time throughout their day to exercise.

7. Organised time into blocks

Organisation is key. Ask any successful entrepreneur. Managing your time is the best way to ensure success. Now, this is a highly productive task that you can follow once you’ve set yourself up for the day. It can be done digitally or with a pen and paper. Block out your tasks for the day and allocate hour-by-hour tasks, breaks and even time to relax. If you usually relax in the evenings, you might block out 7.30pm-10pm with family or TV time. Even if every task isn’t a work or productivity task, blocking out your days is a great way of keeping yourself accountable for everything you need to do. If you can see your day visually, there’s a much greater chance you’re going to stick to it and motivate yourself to get everything done.

While this is not an exhaustive list, it is a foundation for creating and implementing healthy habits each day. It takes, on average, around 2 months (not 21 days) to form a solid habit. If you stick with and consistently complete these daily challenges, you’re well on your way to forming a healthier lifestyle. Take it from the professionals, these habits obviously work. Even if you don’t become magically more productive overnight, you’ll most likely feel better rested, healthier and more content within yourself. Why not give them a try? Which of these are you most excited to add into your daily routine?


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