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6 Self Care Ideas

by Abby Verigin 2 years ago in self care
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Simple enough to add into your daily routine

Self care is beautiful. Today, we are lucky to be living in a world where self care can be prioritized in most cases. It is unfortunate how health and wellbeing do not always come first for everyone. Recently, society is doing a great job at normalizing putting ourselves first. Let's keep this going.

Self care may be a new idea to you however, it is one of the most important habits for a life of longevity. Also, we must recognize that self care looks different for each of us. You can take care of yourself in a variety of ways and today I have 6 simple ideas for you to try to incorporate into your wellness routine. Through years of trial and error of self care ideas, I finally have found what works best. I hope you can learn to enjoy it as much as I do!



I used to sleep in to the latest possible minute I could, to savour that feeling of being in bed. I would always eat breakfast on the go and had a hard time waking up in the mornings along with falling asleep at night. The pandemic has allowed me to realize, however your morning goes, this sets the tone for the rest of your day. Because of this, I have decided to take my mornings extra slow. No rushing. No stress. The first thing I do it turn on the kettle and meditate or journal while it boils. I then make my morning matcha and try to get fresh air without any screen time. This helps me stay balanced throughout the day.


This is extremely important to your wellbeing. Science shows that spending time outdoors benefits our physical and mental wellbeing. Even a small walk around the block can make a difference. I am inspired by this older man who lives in my neighbourhood. He does a lap around our block multiple times a day and admires the nature surrounding us. We should all follow his lead. If you cannot get outside, try bringing plants into your home for some indoor nature therapy. Green environments are rejuvenating.


Ask yourself, how much water do I really drink throughout the day? If it is less than 8 cups (250 ml per cup), you need to amp up your water game. Hydration plays a major role in our bodies ability to function properly. I try to keep a large jar or cup of water near us at all times. This encourages us to always be drinking it. We recently received a Brita water filter and I have noticed a large difference in my overall wellbeing. It is important to know that not all tap water is filtered properly. It is very much worth it to use any type of filtration system. A cheap trick for this is to leave your water open on the counter to get rid of chlorine in the water system.


Whether it is online or in person, this matters the most. As humans we crave connection and social opportunities. The pandemic has made it more difficult to do this in person but I do believe it has increased online communication greatly. The people who are close to you would love to hear how you are doing, trust me. I know it can feel like there are 1 million people to keep up with at times but start with aiming for 1 person per day. That can be a text, snapchat, phone call or video chat. It is worth it. Share your love.


Journalling is a great tool to expand your thoughts and ideas. You can do this structured (goals; gratitude lists; mantras; etc) or unstructured (writing down whatever your feeling at that moment). Either way, it offers an opportunity for self reflection and care. Both types of journalling can be fun! Find out what works for you. I try to journal in the morning to create a to do list for each day.


As I have said many times before, exercise is medicine. It is medicine to the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. There are a variety of ways you can move your body without doing the usual fitness routines. I encourage you to try something new next time you exercise. Here are some fun movement ideas: dancing, yoga, tai chi, rebounding (trampoline), golfing, walking, hiking, balance boards, biking or swimming. I know it can be difficult to find the right type of physical activity your body is looking for however, I hope you can trust there is something out there for everyone!




Now take these ideas and make them your own. Try new things. Find a way to take care of yourself that you enjoy. This could include bubble baths, cooking, dancing, singing or gardening!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week. Happy Monday Everyone!

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About the author

Abby Verigin

Bachelor of Physical Education and Coaching, Fitness and Yoga Instructor, Wellness Coach from British Columbia, Canada.

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