5 Ways to Use Cedarwood Oil

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Cedarwood Essential Oil

5 Ways to Use Cedarwood Oil

Not only is this an awesome oil, but it's a dope plant, as well! Did you know burning cedar wood (the plant, not the oil) can act as a pesticide?! Nice little fun fact for ya.

Cedarwood oil is a favorite of mine for magical purposes (which we will get to another day this week), but it's great emotionally and “medically,” as well.

A little history for ya: Cedarwood is commonly known for being mentioned in the bible as a source of protection, wisdom, and abundance; has also been used by indigenous people for purification and protection for years. This is due to it being a pesticide. Back in the day when people would burn this in their homes, they would often notice that a lot of bugs that hid in their walls had fallen dead, giving them the thoughts that it was purifying and protecting their homes.

Cedarwood essential oil is extracted through steam distillation from wood pieces of the cedarwood tree. This oil is know to be anti-fungal, an antiseptic, a diuretic, astringent, and have sedative properties.

Common Benefits:

  • Improving metabolism/ benefits digestive system
  • Helps acne/ skin irritations
  • Strengthens gums
  • Repels bugs
  • Improves focus and wisdom
  • Relieves spasms
  • Anti- inflammatory
  • Tightens muscles

Here are five ways you can use Cedarwood:

1. Help Reduce Eczema!

Eczema is not fun! I used to deal with eczema as a kid and it SUCKED! The dry, itchy skin that would crack or even blister...can you say gross? Also, I was always itchy; try telling a five-year-old not to itch their itch...SO not happening. If only I knew about Cedarwood back then! Cedarwood can help reduce the skin peeling and helps treat the infections with its anti-fungal properties! Add a couple drops to your lotion or soap, or rub it on the infected area directly (cedarwood is safe to use directly without dilution, but always dilute if you are using on kids!), or make yourself a bath and add five drops of cedarwood oil and say bye-bye, eczema.

*Remember: Essential oils, like medicine, aren't overnight magical cures. Try a remedy for a week or two and see if you see a difference!*

*Also I'm not a doctor, and you should always consult with a doctor first before trying something new*

2. Reduce Arthritis

Oh, arthritis, you fickle bitch. Inflammation of the joints is a SUCK, and we all know it! I have it in my big toe, and as a model who always is in heels, best know I turn to my oils! Cedarwood oil is know for being an anti-inflamitory. Inhale or take a bath with ten drops to help relieve the symptoms.

3. Helps Clear Acne

Ladies, PMS acne is real! We all know acne in general is real. Cedarwood oil protects the skin from letting the dust not settle in your pores, keeping away acne. It's also known to tighten your skin, keeping you looking youthful.

Add a few drops to your lotion or soap.

Add this into your daily routine to reach achieve best results.

4. Diuretic

Water weight is the worst.I travel a lot, and bloating is a thing, too! Cedarwood helps increase urination while removing toxins and excess water from the body, helping reduce water weight and bloating. Rub a few drops of this oil on your bladder and kidney to help clear toxins.

5. Repel Bugs

Bug bites are itchy and suck, so keep those bugs away! Burning Cedarwood has been known to keep away and kill bugs. Diffuse Cedarwood oil to keep away bugs in your home, or make a spray if going outdoors!

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