5 Tips for Post Workout Recovery

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Tips for Post Work-out Success

5 Tips for Post Workout Recovery

Getting a workout in always feels good and makes you want to keep going, but it's important to know how to properly recover from those tough workouts in order to stay healthy and keep your body in good shape without injury. Five tips for staying healthy and keeping your body in good shape after a workout include: drinking milk or a protein based shake, ice your knees, legs and ankles, get plenty of sleep, take chlorella supplements, and eat a healthy yet hearty meal.

Drink Milk or another source of Protein

Drinking milk after a workout has long been an athletes go to when trying to recover from a workout. The reason for that is it is high in protein and calcium making it a perfect post workout supplement for your tired muscles and bones. Milk also has a lot of vitamins and minerals that help to restore your body's needs after a long and tiring work out. If your not a big milk drinker, protein based shakes can also do the job, with a large amount of protein to rebuild those muscles you were exhausting..

Ice Your Legs, Knees and Ankles

Applying ice to your legs and knees is important, especially after a hard cardio work out. When you run and put pressure on your joints, they can start to swell. If you are not careful, you can really injure yourself and permanently damage them. After a hard workout if you apply ice to these areas you are far more likely to avoid any injuries and keep yourself in good shape longer and able to keep up your workout routine.

Get Plenty of Rest

Another really important thing to remember to do after a hard workout is to rest. Not only rest as in sit down and relax and put your feet up, but also get plenty of sleep at night. When you sleep, your body has time to recover its muscles and recharge your brain for the next day. When you go through a really intense workout, your body needs even more sleep than usual to make up for that extra energy exertion. Sleep also gives your body time to completely rest its muscles, nervous system and other bodily functions that cause you to run out of energy and feel tired more quickly. When you get a good night's rest you will be able to exercise for a longer period of time and at a higher intensity.


Chlorella benefit supplements are comprised of green algae that has been proven to help your body recover and rebuild muscle tissue making this the ideal supplement to take after a long hard workout. Chlorella has a great effect on your muscle recovery and also has antioxidants that make for healthy cell repair and reduce the amount of cell membrane loss.

Eat a Healthy and Hearty Meal

Finally, in order to fully recover from a hard workout you need to eat a nutritious and hearty meal. Of course, fruits and vegetables are always great options since they are full of vitamins and nutrients to re-fuel your body, but also eating whole grains and lean protein is important in order to restore the amino acids and carbohydrates you may have lost while working out. It is also important to eat healthy carbohydrates prior to a work out in order to give you energy to endure a longer and more extensive work out routine.

So if you really want to get your body moving and keep up with a healthy work out regimen make sure you are equipped to keep your body healthy before and after you are finished. If you want to really get the most out of your work out without causing too much stress on your body follow these easy steps to get the most out of your exercise routine.

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