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5 Reasons to Keep Your Back Straight

by Brody Stubbs 4 months ago in advice
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I’m Not Talking About Beauty

5 Reasons to Keep Your Back Straight
Photo by David Todd McCarty on Unsplash

Why do you have to keep your back straight? Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT ain't for me either.

The spine is the "inner pillar" that supports the skeleton. It consists of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar areas, each ensuring the functioning of certain organs and their supply of blood.

An adult's spine is shaped like the letter S - that's what nature wanted. There is a certain distance between the vertebrae, which does not allow the compression of blood vessels and nerve endings. If in the process of its development, the spine has acquired a form with deviations from the norm (or so it is at the genetic level), it is unlikely that the person will be energetic and healthy.

# 1 Energy and good mood

The nervous system is divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic, which works in a duet. For example, the sympathetic system increases the heart rate, and the sympathetic system - on the contrary, reduces it.

If you have noticed, in the morning we feel the need to lie down (we turn on the sympathetic system), and to calm down and fall asleep (to activate the parasympathetic one), we roll under the blanket.

The nervous system works in such a way that a hunchbacked person with a bent spine puts the parasympathetic system into operation, in this position you cannot be cheerful and energetic. Thus, the outfit means health, energy, and a good mood.

Bending backward wakes you up, charges you with energy, and activates your body by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. Bending (rounding the spine) provides peace of mind due to the impact on the parasympathetic nervous system. These principles are used in the practice of yoga.

# 2 Clever mind and ability to concentrate

Stress, hypothermia, and a sedentary lifestyle can result in shortening of the neck (spine) and hyperlordosis (excessive curvature of the spine). Because of these deviations, the brain, the most important organ, will not be properly irrigated with blood.

The consequences are obvious. The muscle imbalance created will lead to spasms of the blood vessels and lymph nodes. This, in turn, causes vision, hearing, headaches, aging and sagging facial skin, and the appearance of a double chin as a result of disturbed lymphatic drainage.

Get close to the wall. Ideally, the neck should be elongated, the chin oriented horizontally, and the nape of the neck in a plane with the shoulder blades.

# 3 Extending youth

What is not used disappears. This is a rule of thumb. If we do not capitalize on all the potential that nature has endowed us with, the aging process is triggered, the mobility of the joints is reduced, the elasticity of the ligaments, there are eating disorders of the internal and peripheral organs (skin, hair).

Due to the sedentary way of life, we practically do not use the spine according to the destination, because of this it ages earlier than we would like, and with it, the whole body.

Yoga connoisseurs determined the age of the body by the flexibility of the spine. The more mobile it is, the younger and healthier the body. A flexible and strong spine indicates a good functioning of the whole body, hormonal balance, long youth, and joy of life as a whole.

But a good posture ensures only half the success. For the health of the spine, it also works the muscles - it performs bends, inclinations, rotations. Practice gymnastics, yoga, Pilates, any kind of physical training, which strengthens the spine (for a good posture) and also makes it more flexible.

# 4 Proper functioning of internal organs

The body is an integral system. If there is a disturbance in the functioning of a particular organ, this is a signal that the whole system is not in order. The disease cannot be completely cured without understanding the cause-effect relationship.

One of the causes may be hiccups. For example, deformity of the chest area may result in a narrowing of the rib cage. As a result, the lungs receive less oxygen and the oxygenation of the cells is reduced. A consequence of this disorder is the feeling of general fatigue due to a lack of oxygen in the muscles and heart disorders.

Every area of ​​the spine, every vertebra has its function, so when there is a peripheral disorder, look for the cause in the deviations of the spine.

# 5 Active sex life

It is very important to have a strong muscular carcass along the spine, to keep the maximum distance between the vertebrae.

One of the possible causes of the urogenital disorder may be congestion in the lumbar region. It has a natural curvature - lordosis, but when it is excessive, then the lower vertebrae exert a compression under the weight of the body and excessive load. The lumbar region curves, putting pressure on the nerves and blood vessels.

Of course, the body adapts to the way of life and you can live with a deformed body, but with it, it is more difficult to be healthy, happy, and happy.


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