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4 Ways to Make Your Environment More Zen

by Lewis Robinson 6 months ago in self care

Create a home you want to be in

With all you have to put up with in the workplace and just generally out in the world, your home should really be a place when you can completely relax and unwind. If it isn't that way yet, there are steps you can take to make your living space more Zen.

1. Sight

You probably put up with harsh lighting in most places other than home. If possible, put in a dimming switch for the overhead light in your space. Or leave it off and use lamps instead with cloth shades in soothing colors. The best possible electricity scenario would be if your building has a pad mounted transformer to safely make your lighting come to life.

In addition to muted lighting, try some flickering candles. The real thing is best, but if worrying about a fire will take your Zen mood away, there are some pretty convincing LED candles.

What are the colors like in the room? Did the previous tenant or owner prefer bright colors, or even worse, the shade of beige known universally as "landlord cream"? Think about what colors soothe you. Typically, the most soothing colors are pale greens and blues, but if you are soothed more by pink or lavender, choose what you like.

Plants are not only great for providing you with fresh oxygen, they are also very soothing to look at. Investigate the types of plants that can be grown in your space and continue to add to your "oasis". The more plants, the better.

2. Touch

Your Zen environment should be just the opposite of most of the spaces you inhabit outside your home. Office décor has mostly hard surfaces. The same goes for public transportation. As hard as most of these places are, your special spot at home should be soft.

You should not include anything with a hard edge including chairs, tables or other furniture. Everything should be soft, from the carpet to the furnishings. Either find a very comfy chair or couch, or just furnish the room with large floor pillows. Make sure the fabrics you choose are all soft. You should never encounter a rough surface. This means plush, not utilitarian, carpet and materials like velvet and chenille for everything else.

The right temperature also falls under touch since the air will be touching your body. Make sure you have a good thermostat that prevents you from getting too cold or hot. That can be very distracting while trying to meditate.

3. Smell

Choose how you want your room to smell and what method of scenting appeals to you the most. There are many ways to scent a room. The traditional mystical way is incense. The smoke also provides a soothing visual. There are also candles and various types of diffusers for essential oils.

You want to be conscious of a pleasant smell, but it can't be too overpowering. A smell you don't like can put you in a bad mood very quickly, so make sure you really enjoy it before you fill your space with it.

4. Sound

What sounds soothe you and which ones annoy you? It isn't the same for everyone. Some are annoyed by the sounds of running water. If water is your thing, look for a small fountain or add an aquarium to the room. Fish are soothing, which is why so many medical offices have aquariums in their waiting rooms.

If you don't like water, you can play whatever music or ambient sounds you like. Look into purchasing several small speakers to place around the room for a truly immersive experience.

After following these steps and adding your own personal touches, you home can be the Zen spot you need and want it to be. Try making your office more Zen too by adding some of these ideas to the workplace. It can never be as comfortable as home, but small changes can go a long way into making you happier in your work environment.

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