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4 Daily Habits That Help You Be More Productive

by Mars A.M. 4 years ago in advice
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A Millennial's Thoughts on How to Make for a More Productive Day

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Everyone knows it — waking up at 6:00 AM is a difficult thing to do. So is getting up the gumption to clean, or make the bed after a hard day at work. But one thing we don’t always realize is just how easy it is to make a small list of accomplishable things for that day or week, and being able to say “I got up at 6:00 AM this week,” “I made the bed today,” “I cleaned the kitchen floor this afternoon.” The following are simply thoughts written down regarding what I enjoy that help me to have an overall normal or even a better day, with a more productive outcome. I need help in this all the time, so I hope this article helps you some as well.

1. Waking up at a Scheduled Time Most Days

Unless I am absolutely at a loss of what year it is, I usually wake up in the same general timeframe every morning. I have found that if my sleep fluctuates too much, I am not consistent and feel more tired on some days, or even overtired on others. Don’t get me wrong, I can still be tired anyways, but at least my body-clock wants to fall asleep around the same time every night if I’m consistent enough.

2. Making the Bed

Making the bed is probably one of the easiest and yet hardest things to do for some of us. It’s easily forgettable, because it’s so routine for us to sleep here that we might even reach the mindset of — “Why bother? I’m coming back here to mess it up again in 11 hours.” I thought that for years. But let me tell you, I heard it said once (and this is paraphrased) that even if you didn’t accomplish anything that day or had a terrible day, you come home to a made-up bed and you can point to it and say that you did accomplish something that day — you made your bed. On another note, it’s so nice to walk into your room and even if the floor is a mess, the "center piece" of the room is really clean and tidied up. It almost seems as though the whole room is cleaned up along with it. Sometimes it's even a driving factor for me in cleaning the rest of the room because a huge part of it has been cleaned already.

3. Exercise

As seen in my other publications, I will never let it down about exercise. I am all about cycling and was doing barre for a while as well. Being active is sometimes hard to choose during a particularly tiring day, however if you like what you do then you are more likely to be happy to pick it as an option. For me, cycling is the cardio I need to feel like I “worked out” that day. Barre is great for strengthening and core, as well as muscle toning. I used to run, well, for a short time. After moving to Texas I decided that I just had no desire to run in 100°F weather, or 11°F weather. No desire! Whatever it is, after finding your “fitness niche” I call it (as well as consulting your doctor regarding any health problems, etc.), you will actually enjoy and want to be active. Not just for burning calories, but for stress relief and the desire to eat healthier and drink more water is what drives me to work out.

4. Cleaning One Part of the House

This helps me feel, again, that I accomplished something in the cleaning world. Be it simply a toilet room or an entire floor, I am happy about what I’ve tidied up. It almost helps to have people come stay with us sometimes because you have to clean up the guest room! It doesn’t need to be perfect or appear so clean that there’s no decor out to make it look homey, but organized cleanliness is welcome in any home.


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Mars A.M.

A late 20-something, who enjoys being a wife, writing, cooking, baking, making coffee, and documenting much of what I eat.

Email: [email protected]

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