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32 weeks pregnant, i could die or lose my baby because of Covid-19 and UK'S MEDICINE

32 weeks pregnant, i could die or lose my baby because of Covid-19

By Maria Ostasevici Published 3 years ago 9 min read
my hospital room (29.08.2021-05.09.2021)

Without exaggerations and jokes, this was the period I went through from 18.08 -02.10.2021.

It all started on the morning of August 18, when I woke up because my mother had a pretty bad cough in the bathroom.

I asked her to drink some pills, because it doesn't look or sound good.


I knew she was indifferent, but I wouldn't have thought she would accuse me of "stupidity" because of a simple piece of advice.

After that quarrel, she went to work completely upset, with tears in her eyes, feeling unjustly accused.

At noon, 12:45, my husband calls me from work

"Hey, are you okay? Because I have a very strange condition, weakness and dizziness, not to mention an annoying cough."

"Me too," I replied in a voice that trembled with fear.


I was coughing a little and I had an unpleasant sensation in my throat, but that was not a catastrophe. I had an "Oronorm" spray that always helps me with throat problems, I say it would be okay to give myself a little until it got worse.

Friday, 19.08:

My mother already had no taste or smell, so we began to lose our senses. They both went to work with masks and disinfectants, and I stayed home coughing and full of care. I didn't panic, because it seemed like a simple cold, but my voice changed as if I had been smoking for 10 years. On Saturday morning we decided to do all the quick tests, and of course the positive results appeared.

We had to isolate ourselves for 10 days since the symptoms appeared, in my case from August 18 to 28.


Okay, we also went to the parking lot site for safer tests and after we got home we completely isolated ourselves. My husband was already feeling powerless, the fever was always high at 38-39 ° C, he was shivering in the cold bed, even though he was very thickly dressed. Paracetamol. That's what the NHS has told us we can do.

However, he asked some friends from Moldova who own a pharmacy to send us some medicine, because my cough did not seem to give back and because of the pregnancy no English pharmacy or doctor agreed to offer me other medicines besides paracetamol.

Sunday, August 21st.

I coughed as if I had severe tuberculosis and my fever was starting to rise.

I took a warm shower in the evening, but I didn't fall asleep at all.

Monday, August 22nd. I had already started drinking pills, I was taking vitamin C, zinc, cough pills, which cost a lot of money. The mother and husband also started drinking Md antibiotics, in addition to paracetamol.


I don't know what the problem was and why my body was not able to fight, but on August 23 hell began.

My face turned red and completely swollen, my voice barely echoed through the house and I always felt like I was boiling. The cough did not allow me to breathe well, not to mention having a dialogue with someone or being able to eat and drink. With each sip of air or water I felt as if thousands of pieces of glass were stopping in my throat and an enormous pain always caused tears.

NHS- They keep you on the phone for 2 hours to tell you to drink paracetamol

I spent the nights starting with August 23 with a fever of 39 ° C. Being 32 weeks pregnant and still unable to sleep at night, but the fever and cough that was beginning to result in large chunks of blood turned my days and nights into terror. 5 days later we tried to call for help. NHS, 999, Emergencies. My husband was desperate and scared for my life and that of our unborn child. Probably from high fever, at some point I understood that he did not move at all for 2 days. For 3 hours on the phone he waited to be connected at least with someone to help him a little. They wanted to talk to me. Every word I uttered caused me death, but I was trying to explain exactly how I felt. For 30 minutes they gave me unnecessary questions, and in the end I had to do a lot with "OK, so you can talk, you don't have bloody sores on your body and you can breathe as far as we can see, you're ok. Drink paracetamol and it will pass everything. " I was crying in pain, it was already the 27th and my neck was full of pain and blood.

I wanted to explain to someone how bad I felt but I couldn't. No paracetamol, none of those pills helped me at all.



The 40 °C fever at night and the fact that we didn't feel the child motivated us to call the emergency room again. I never tried to be a good citizen and explain everything to them clearly. I was talking the way I could, and more precisely, I was only able to say that I needed a control to monitor the child to make sure he was okay. The emergency has finally come. To be honest, I could see them in the fog, and I could hear them in syllables. I went to the hospital to see the baby.

I'm very afraid of injections. I have had a trauma since I was little, since then I tremble when I see the syringe.

And yet I was not able to scare myself when they put me in an isolated room. I would have a lot to say to a nurse who made about 3-4 holes in my left hand because she couldn't decide where it would be better to put the device and take my blood. I couldn't even feel my hand. They made me drink 3 paracetamol pills to lower the fever. They connected me to the devices and left me like that for 2 hours. I sat for 2 hours and was patient so that a doctor would tell me at the end "yes you are ok, nothing can be seen in the throat, the baby is moving and you can go home".

The water was flowing from me and I couldn't talk to him to explain that he was losing something important in my case. I called my husband to pick me up. He knew it was too painful for me to talk so he didn't even ask for many explanations, he just asked maybe they gave me some pills that would help me.

29.08 at 23:15, After 10 days of isolation

40°C fever, I was crying in bed in pain and worries and there was nothing I could do. My husband asked me to get dressed and get the necessary documents for the hospital. We immediately went to the emergency room and there we waited for an hour to enter. I could see all the squares in the fog, but I didn't even pay attention to the fact that I couldn't see anything clearly. After almost 2 hours, they called me to take blood.

I really didn't understand why, but instead of taking blood from my wrist valve, she took it from my right fist. To say it was painful is like saying nothing. I cried for about 20 minutes, and I wasn't really feeling the pain at the time. They left me the infusion set, and took us to a separate room. I stayed there for another 4 hours. I only spit blood and tears flowed every time I breathed.


Around 7 in the morning they came to give me paracetamol as an infusion. I still remember those 3 minutes when I could no longer feel my throat and the unbearable pain. I could breathe for at least 3 minutes.

At 10 o'clock the doctors came and started to take my tests. I was morally and physically exhausted. I'm not sure, but I think 4 doctors came in just to check my neck and my physical condition. The best part was when a midwife came and monitored my baby's movements, then we were both a little calmer.

they really thought I was exaggerating

To make sure I didn't have anything in my throat they put a device through my nose, with a camera that showed exactly what was there and what wasn't, and that's just because they thought I was lying about sore throats, or exaggerating out of boredom.. I had an acute respiratory infection that turned into an open wound and it was full of blood and inflammation all over my throat, they told me that only in the evening, after they decided it was probably worth a day or two in the hospital.

Many torments followed, always connected to the monitors and with infusions in both hands at the same time, one with paracetamol and the other with necessary fluids.

she really blocked one of the infusions

One of the nurses was so careless that she took out one of the infusions, and secondly blocked it, so that instead of receiving a fluid infusion, that infusion drew blood from me. I noticed this immediately, but it took 40 minutes from when I called for help and until a doctor came to change the situation. The first two nurses came, they saw that it was not ok but they did nothing. I also noticed the shock on the doctor's face when he noticed what was happening with that infusion. She came out of my room very nervous.

Oxygen mask on my nose, I could barely move in bed. However, a doctor came and had to give me an injection that will clean my blood. "We have to put it in the buttocks, because it's extremely painful," she tells me.

So, with infusions of both hands in both directions, and an oxygen mask, plus a very large belly, I had to somehow go back to that bed. I was too desperate to move, so I persuaded her to put it on her shoulder. 10 minutes of deadly pain followed, as if someone was operating on me without anesthesia.

They put this injection for the next 3 days, also on my shoulder, because I was asking them.


The third day in the hospital I could not speak, it was too painful. 5 doctors came in and asked me questions about my condition. I started crying because I couldn't take the pain anymore. "You can probably try some cough syrup, but we'll think about it," said one of them. At noon they brought me medicine, antibiotics, omeprazol, steroids and cough syrup. I was still given paracetamol as an infusion, because at night the fever always rose to 40 ° C.

The day after I started taking medication I was already feeling better. I always tried to eat soup and do everything the doctors say. On the 5th day in the hospital I was given paracetamol from effervescent pills, which I suddenly drank, even though it was very unpleasant.

The drugs did their job well. On the 6th day in the hospital I was already feeling well and I could even speak in long sentences, without coughing or running out of air.

I was released at home in the evening.

They gave me all the necessary medication at home to continue the treatment until I feel completely well.

After 1 week at home taking all the necessary pills, I stopped spitting blood and coughing.

Until this experience, I did not believe how serious this virus is. But now I can definitely advise everyone to be careful, to keep their social distance and to always disinfect themselves.

It's not a joke, and if you are a person with weak immunity like me and you are not lucky enough to get to the hospital, the chances of survival are probably minimal.

What would have happened to me if I hadn't insisted? What would have happened if I was staying at home as they told me from the start that it was nothing serious? Could I have saved my life and the child's if my husband had been beaten when they sent me home in an emergency?

Please, take care!


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Maria Ostasevici

Communication and public relations student, Moldova

Instagram profile: maria.ostasevici;

mother of two awesome Dobermans.


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