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30 Benefits of Walking

Benefits of Walking for Health

By raamanPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

Given the important information, you will be amazed to read the benefits of walking. A lot of people like walking. But it is more popular among the elderly people. This simple and easy exercise of walking can be done by people of all age groups without spending any money for it and without undergoing any sort of training for it.

Today, a lot of people from all walks of life, say that there are many benefits to walking. At the same time, many people avoid walking despite knowing the benefits of walking. But in today's fast paced lifestyle, walking has become very indispensable. That too, brisk walking is said to be very beneficial. A recent study has found that brisk walking helps relieve depression. Walking faster reduces the risk of being admitted to a hospital and having to stay there for a long time, besides incurring a heavy medical bill to pay.

There are two types of walkers, namely, speed walkers and slow walkers. Speed walkers are thirty-seven percent less likely to be admitted to a hospital in three years’ time than the slow walkers. Walking is more popular among the elderly people, the researchers have said. This simple exercise of walking can be done without spending any money and without obtaining any training.

Here are the thirty benefits of walking:

1) Walking two hours a week reduces the chances of a stroke by thirty percent.

2) Walking for thirty to sixty minutes every day reduces the chances of heart attack.

3) When you walk for thirty to forty minutes daily, it reduces the risk of diabetes by twenty nine percent.

4) When you walk thirty minutes a day, it reduces the chances of depression by thirty six percent.

5) Do you want to reduce your weight? Walking for at least one hour daily reduces obesity.

6) Walking in the morning is always good for your health because it supplies the body with pure oxygen from the morning atmosphere.

7) Vitamin D is very much essential for your bone strength. It is obtained from the morning sun. So, walking in the morning, helps you a lot.

8) Walking also causes physical and mental exercise at the same time.

9) When you walk, exhaustion of the body and mind due to continuous work is removed.

10) Walking helps to relieve stress and irritability.

11) Suffering from insomnia? Walking helps you sleep better.

12) Walking is also beneficial for concentration and observation.

13) This type of simple exercise called walking is great if you want to lose weight.

14) Walking helps burn excess calories in the body.

15) Walking reduces the body fat.

16) Research has shown that walking for an hour every day can reduce the risk of rheumatism.

17) When you walk, it improves the digestion, and reduces the digestive disorders.

18) Walking increases the heart rate.

19) The risk of dying from heart disease is less than fifty percent in those people who have a habit of regular walking.

20) Regular walking increases the function of the lungs.

21) Regular walking can control back pain, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and shortness of breath.

22) Regular walking improves the metabolism and also improves the function of the endocrine glands.

23) When you walk, the bone strength also increases.

24) Regular walking strengthens the muscles of the waist, thighs as well as the legs.

25) Walking reduces the chances of cataract.

26) Regular walking protects you against certain types of cancer.

27) Regular walking is very useful to strengthen the immune system.

28) Walking helps to reduce the level of depression.

29) Regular walking for thirty minutes every day increases the life expectancy by three years.

30) Regular walking is the simple key to a long and healthy life.


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