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3 Simple Things Harming Your Health

by Dan Pittman 2 years ago in list

They're not what you think!

There’s only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.

-Aldous Huxley

I started Handmade Mind as a way to blend passions together to form a harmonic symphony. Writing has always been a passion I kept to myself until recently. Psychology and brain function became a passion in college, as well as pursuing a healthy, self-sustainable and eco  friendly lifestyle. This article truly is a blend of all of them.

Now, all of us want to be healthy. We want to eat right by fighting the temptations of fast food and chocolate cake. I’m not sure I can go a single week without hearing someone talk about the pursuit of a better diet to improve their health. I’m definitely pursuing a healthy lifestyle as well, and that certainly includes attention paid to what I put into my body. It also includes what I expose my body to.

A few things seem to be overlooked in mainstream thought, though. Let’s go over 3 simple things that are harming your health.

For each category I have linked up a product or brand that I genuinely love and use every single day.

I mention them here because they have made my life better in many ways, so I partnered with them in a mutually beneficial relationship. I only back brands that I trust.

1. Water

Have you ever thought about the water you drink? If you go on a diet you will likely meticulously dissect the composition of your food. “No more processed meats, I’m going organic grass-fed. No more veggies grown with pesticides and disgusting chemicals, I’m going to the farmers market and buying local organic produce.” Bravo, ya done good, kid. Now apply that mindset to your water.

Simple Solution: Get a Berkey Water Filtration System.


What is in the water you drink today? Fluoride? Loads of heavy metals like Mercury and Aluminum? Chlorine? Let’s break down fluoride, just 1 component found in standard drinking water:

Fluoride has been added to public water in the US for many decades. Studies showed that fluoride was beneficial for preventing tooth decay and cavities. Sounds great, right? Here’s the issue: most of these tests were done prior to 1975 and were recently proven to be flawed. Recent research shows that countries that do NOT add fluoride to their water actually see less cavities. Even further, more research is showing that high levels of fluoride are toxic to brain and nerve cells.

Heavy metals, chlorine, and pollutants in our atmosphere and in the earth are all found in common drinking water, or tap water. All of which can be extremely harmful to our health.

After doing extensive research on why the water we consume is so important, I made the decision to ONLY drink water from a Berkey. Of all the water filtration systems out there, this one takes the cake. They have a wide range of products from home systems for on-the-counter use to on-the-go water bottles. I encourage you to do some research yourself on drinking water and its impact on the body.

You may be thinking "why not just get bottled water?" Read this article here to see just how much plastic waste we produce and how using plastic is just like holding on to toxic thoughts.

2. Artificial Light

Does anyone here have an office job? How do you feel after sitting inside at your desk for a few hours, shielded from the sun? Do the words “drained, exhausted, or groggy” come to mind? Artificial lighting is remarkably detrimental to our bodies at a cellular level. I can hear the obnoxious flickering of a fluorescent light now… Let’s dive into the science a bit.

Natural sunlight enters our atmosphere which blocks the majority of harmful UV rays and infrared radiations. Sunlight in doses is the purest form of energy our bodies can consume. The energy from the sun quite literally turns into energy inside our bodies via absorption into our skin and made into cell-fuel, otherwise known as ATP. It’s a beautiful process designed by nature.

Now, when I say “artificial light” I’m specifically referring to the harmful rays such as UV and blue light that are produced by most artificial light sources.

Image credit: modification of work via NASA, presented by Lumen Learning

Energy levels lower than those represented by red light are insufficient to raise an orbital electron to a populatable, excited (quantum) state. Energy levels higher than those in blue light will physically tear the molecules apart, called bleaching.

-Lumen Learning

Blue light is emitted from most artificial light sources. Think cell phones, laptops, TV’s, fluorescent lights, LED’s. It’s important to note that sunlight does contain blue light, which is why I said sunlight in doses is the purest form of energy our bodies can absorb.

As we increase our use of technology, our exposure to bluelight skyrockets. This is why so many recommend not watching TV and looking at your phone or computer before bed - it mimics daylight which completely disrupts proper melatonin levels. Translation: your circadian rhythm is being hijacked, leading to poor sleep.

Make the investment in red light therapy, especially with winter approaching (fewer hours of sunlight). Many studies have shown improvements in cell-regeneration, skin health, hair growth, reduced pain, and much more. After doing thorough research and checking out all the brands, GembaRed is hands-down the best out there. Their lights have an almost incalculably LOW flicker rate (HIGH flicker rates in lights can cause multiple eye issues).

I’ve partnered with GembaRed because I love their products and the health benefits I’ve seen.

I’m even able to offer 10% off if you use the code HANDMADE. Invest in your health!

3. Cell Phones, Computers, and Headphones

Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) from our electronic devices has been a subject of conversation for many years. Despite the concerns and clear health hazards the amount of EMF’s pumped out there is rapidly increasing. Every building has wifi and every rural area has a cell tower. Some of this is out of our control, but a lot of it can be mitigated.

I bet you knew that cell phones and laptops emitted EMF’s, but what about your headphones? Yes, even the headphones with a cord emit EMF’s. They’re not quite as bad as bluetooth headphones, but they still emit high enough EMF levels to cause side effects.

Radiation laptop shield along with EMF-free headphones.

Over the course of the past decade, numerous electromagnetic field sources have become the focus of health concerns, including power lines, microwave ovens, computer and TV screens, security devices, radars and most recently mobile phones and their base stations...It is not disputed that electromagnetic fields above certain levels can trigger biological effects.

-World Health Organization

Human beings function via low-frequency electrical currents occurring through chemical reactions. We function properly in a delicate balance of electrical waves. Think about it this way: Pretend you're standing on an exercise ball. In order to stay standing, it requires constant attention, movement, and stability to stay standing. That is your body in a healthy environment - it’s already a very delicate balance. Increased levels of EMF”s have the potential to function like your little brother drop-kicking the ball from beneath you. The balance is gone.

Like I said before, some of this is out of our control, but DefenderShield makes spectacular products to protect yourself from dangerous levels of EMF’s being emitted from your devices.. Personally I utilize the laptop radiation and heat shield when I’m working from home. I plan on being able to have children, and radiation is a dangerous threat to reproductive health. I also have a pair of their radiation-free headphones and absolutely love using them.

We all want to be healthy. We all want to feel our best every single day. Strive to establish a self-sustainable lifestyle and a self-sustainable mind. Utilize this information to make small but profound changes in your life and overall health.


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I write to encourage perspective. I write to challenge readers to really peel back the layers of their mind and get their hands dirty. Our brains are fascinating and even moreso when we dive deep into their depths.

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