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3 Bodybuilding Supplements That Work Like Steroids

We choose the supplements that have been around for a while and that give the best results, close to what steroids offer.

By Jessica SmithPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

You must be aware of the power of steroids for muscle building and energy boosting. If you are new to this, then know that steroids are supplements that help in bodybuilding. Athletes use them to build up their muscles. Apart from enhancing the muscle build up, steroids also offer a boost of energy to athletes to help them exercise more without getting fatigued.

But if you are reading this, I assume you already know much about steroids, and you are looking for any alternatives that can offer you the best results for your bodybuilding goals. The right information you will be glad to hear is, “Yes, there are other supplements you can use in place of steroids.”

While the list of the emerging bodybuilding supplements is growing fast, we will only concentrate on the top three options. We choose the supplements that have been around for a while and that give the best results, close to what steroids offer.

1. Testo-Max

People who suffer from low testosterone have low muscle mass. They also have a difficult time building up their bodies because the fats do not undergo full metabolism. Scientifically, the treatment of testosterone deficit helps to reduce the fat mass, as well as the building of muscles and strength.

Testo-Max is a natural supplement that helps in boosting the level of the testosterone hormone. It also helps in muscle recovery after a strenuous workout. Testo-Max can boost your rate of muscle build-up as well. The various ingredients in Testo-Max help to achieve the goals of bodybuilding to get the desired body muscle mass.

The first ingredient in Testo-Max is D-aspartic acid. The three grams of D-aspartic acid is treated as one of the key components that help in boosting testosterone production by triggering a growth hormone in the human brain.

Testo-Max also contains a combination of Vitamin B6, zinc, and magnesium. These ingredients boost the levels of testosterone and IGF1.


Another bodybuilding supplement that helps you to gain muscle mass, fast like steroids is the mTOR-RX. This compound contains phosphatidic acid, which is basically a phospholipid. Apart from cell protection, phospholipids also activates mTOR. The process is necessary for the regulation of protein synthesis, which is a requirement in muscle building, especially the skeletal muscles.

The supplement also helps to combat stress that occurs after a workout, making you relaxed and energetic. Various researches (as discussed below) have shown how phosphatidic acid helps in improving athletic performance as well as bodybuilding results.

In one study, 16 males who were resistance-trained consumed 750mg PA and underwent physical exercises for a period of eight weeks. The discovery was that the participants showed an increase in squat strength and lean body mass (muscle build up). The rate of strength and muscle build up was higher than that of placebos.

In yet another research, participants took either 250 or 375 mg of PA. The results indicated that there were no significant changes in either strength or muscle mass. The conclusion that you can draw here is that consumption of 750 mg and more is ideal for better results in bodybuilding exercises.

In this research article, phospholipids show a possibility of improving the recovery process after exercising. They also help in reducing the soreness of muscles, as well as improving your wellbeing. The article also explains how the compound helps to suppress cortisol, helping to minimize stress in athletes.

In general, these studies suggest that the use of mTOR-RX can help you boost your bodybuilding process and performance. You need to know that the results show up with your determination in the various bodybuilding exercises.

3. Whey Protein Isolate

Whey is a form of protein that performs better than other proteins. Wow, so there are many proteins? Now that is what you are asking. But let us see how the whey isolate helps you perform and grow your muscle mass. First, you need to know that whey is a compound that contains proteins and other essential nutrients.

In research by Nutrition and Metabolism, whey has shown the ability to increase muscle protein synthesis. The study shows that regardless of the age and form of exercise, you can expect good results from the supplement. This makes whey the best choice when you need to achieve your bodybuilding goals. The results outrun what you can expect from a combination of rigorous exercises and carbs intake.

Summing Up

As you must be aware by now, there are many supplements that are in the market for bodybuilding. But before you jump into any of the products, you need to learn the underlying facts regarding each. That is why this list contains scientific study and proof for each. You also need to ensure that you do adequate exercises to get the expected results.


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