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3 Amazing Products for Serious Athletes

by Craig Middleton 5 months ago in athletics

Athletes need to be fueled for performance.

3 Amazing Products for Serious Athletes

When it comes to athletics, everyone is searching for a leg up. From shakes to supplements to energy drinks and medications, athletes can pump their bodies full of a variety of products in the quest to achieve peak performance. However, all products aren’t created equal, and even if certain supplements offer a performance increase, they could be causing long term harm. Give both your performance and body a break by selection natural products that will boost athletic performance without any of the negative or harmful side effects of chemical concoctions.

Whey Protein

If you’re an athlete, you’re likely more than familiar with protein shakes. Preparing select shakes both before and after workouts can do wonders in helping your body reap the most benefits out of the workout. With all the protein powders and supplements on the market, you might not know which to select. Whey protein makes for the best choice to add to your post-workout shake. It’s not only the most popular choice, but it’s also believed to be the most effective. Consuming whey protein can help in boosting protein and BCAA intake and supplying the body with all nine of the essential amino acids that it requires to function properly, such as leucine and cysteine.

Unlike other supplements out there, whey contains very high quality proteins. There are several types of whey protein that you can purchase varying from the concentration of the protein to the digestibility, taste, and price. Overall, whey protein supplies the building blocks for muscle growth at a faster absorption rate than other comparable proteins on the market. It also increases hormones that stimulate muscle growth and amino acids that stimulate muscle synthesis. This tried and true product is a must have for athletes, body builders, and fitness models. Plus you can rest easy knowing that it’s healthy for your body.

Green Tea

Many athletes turn to energy drinks for a pick me up, filling their bodies with sugar and chemicals that are far from healthy. Likewise, consuming caffeine from coffee can leave people jittery and crashing. In contrast, green tea is one of the absolute top ways to give yourself an energy and caffeine boost in order to fuel your body the right way. Can’t see yourself brewing a hot mug of tea before a big game? Green tea extract benefits make it easy to energize your body without a big crash or lengthy preparation.

The convenient pill form of green tea extracts make this all-natural product easy to consume. Are you interested in taking advantage of the benefits of green tea? The catechins present in green tea link it to weight loss, appetite suppression, and improved metabolism. It’s also full of powerful healthy antioxidants that are built to fight the effects of damaging free radicals. The fat-burning properties of green tea make it a go to choice for athletes who need to cut down on their weight or focus on converting fat into muscle.


There are a number of beneficial supplements that athletes can and should consume on a regular basis. However, one supplement in particular distinguishes itself as a top contender for athletic health. Collagen is an enormously beneficial supplement that all athletes, and health-conscious people in general, should add to their list of daily vitamins. Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein, with collagen consumption able to boost your body’s skin, muscle, and gut health. Collagen is found in the muscles, ligaments, bones, skin, and tendons of the body, making having sufficient collagen levels a necessity for any healthy athlete.

Without sufficient collagen levels, your body can experience slower healing and recovery time, as well as joint pains. Provide your body with a guaranteed boost of this essential element to avoid these issues. Collagen is especially important for older athletes, because as the body ages, collagen production sadly declines. Consuming collagen can help relieve joint pain, increase bone mineral density, and improve body composition by increasing lean muscle mass. Overall, it is an excellent product to be consumed each and every day.

As you can tell, you don’t need complicated supplements to achieve optimal health. Throw away harmful products filled with impossible to pronounce ingredients, and instead do your body a favor by sticking with healthy natural products for peak athletic performance.

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