21st Century Witch

Openly practising Witchcraft in the 21st Century

21st Century Witch

Witchcraft has been around since before recorded history and in fact before any main recorded religion.

Today however there are so many branches of Witchcraft that it can be confusing and overwhealming most times.

I was raised as a Christian but after actually studying the Bible itself, I was left with alot more questions than answers, something just didn't sit right with me about it and I swiftly left the church in my rear view mirror and never looked back.

However I did not immediately become a Witch, I wandered for a while, not really believing in anything. Just stuck to the basics you know? Don't be cruel or unkind to anyone or anything. That pretty much covers alot of moral rules.

However I will say this, I have always been attracted to Magic/Magick. Not just Harry Potter by any means, I have a deep fascination with Merlin and Ancient Magick. Old ways that are buried or lost to modern society. As many people know Pagan religions or beliefs outdate the Abrahamic Faiths and in fact some elements of Paganism have been incorporated into these faiths in order to make the transition easier for it's people.

It's always quite amusing to watch how people will damn the Pagan faiths in support of their own, not knowing that in fact Paganism is the reason for many of the things they believe in.

So where does that leave us in the 21st Century? Well, Witchcraft is more widely accepted now and there are far more Witches out of the 'broom' closet so to speak, now than there have been in a very long time. Probably becuase we aren't burning Witches at the stake anymore, but lets not give anyone any idea's either.

Most people still fear Witch's and witchcraft becuase they seem to think that it is evil. and that your local Witch wants to place a curse on you and your family.

Firstly, Witchcraft is neither good nor evil, it is the person using it that determines it's purpose. Just like a gun is not inherently evil, it's about who is using it and for what purpose.

Secondly, you have NO idea how much effort and planning it takes to curse people! Yes I said it! It really takes alot out of you becuase of the amount of your own energy you have give in order for the spell to work. Not to mention that you have to get the timing right, co-ordinate with the Moon/Stars/Planets/Elements and respective Gods or Goddesses.

Don't even get me started on the amount of supplies you need in order to be a practising Witch! I wish I had my own apothecary shop so that I could have all the supplies needed for all of my spells, maybe one day I should be so lucky.

That being said, most practising Witches will always warn that there are consequences to every spell. Do you really think we want to deal with the fallout of a backfired curse? Not a chance!

We would much rather let Karma or the Universe sort you out later down the line without our help, because believe me it comes for you in one form or another! Karma doesn't care who you believe in, you face the consequences of your actions in every decision you make.

Witchcraft has freed me. I personally practise a conbination of different paths and do not worship any specific God or Goddess but I respect them all. Should I need a specific Deity for a spell then I will pay them the appropriate tribute in that spell.

Although on a more practical note. when I do tell people that I am in fact a practising Witch, I get a few strange looks, a laugh or two and every now and then I get that age old filthy look like I just killed their dog or something.

But none of that stops any of those people coming to me for help (spells) when something is not going their way or when their God(s) are slow to answer their prayers. Ironic isn't it?

I guess my point is. We are here. We are out in the open. WE MEAN NO HARM! And we are definitely not going anywhere any time soon.

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