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2022 How to make it a better year for yourself.

I always hate the term "New Years resolution"

By KuroHoshiPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
2022 How to make it a better year for yourself.
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First off, I'm a huge gym rat for always going to the gym 11 months out of 12 months and roughly doing 4-6 days within each week filled with sweat. I used to read on average around 3-2 books per month and it's not much but aside from video games and other free time stuff that keeps me from my goals, I would like to share my experience on how I did it and how you can apply to many other things in your life as well!

The 1st Day to the 1st Month

I promise you the 1st day is easy when planning the goal and seeing how it tests you. 2nd day to I would say for me 15th you get tried, hell even you feel like this isn't worth it or man I miss doing something else during this time but I promise you if you do, you wouldn't come back from it all. I see this when I go to the gym people stack around the machines and some know what they are doing but most don't. They quit or complain that this is too hard or "I just don't have the time". A good amount of times you do and you just have to plan it more. Trust me I used to be the guy who says 24 hours isn't enough time in the day but then I started to plan my hours, my minutes around hobbies and goals, and I realized how much I just start yawning more.

2nd Month to the 4th Month

If you're crazy like me who did 6 days of working out of 7 for about 4 months, welcome to the burnout zone. I understand some people don't burn out here usually but this is for the people like me who just launch themselves in front of death and say "take your best shot." Regardless always take a break and not a little nap, a real break. Yes, I know "but if I take a rest I won't get there faster" as the famous saying goes "Good things happen for the people who wait." This also goes with planning as I said above also this comes making sure you get a good 2-3 days break or at the very least one day for yourself. Even track stars take deep breaths before they run again. Make sure your goal is flexible with time and enough time just in case of emergencies. All in all, don't shame yourself for taking a break or missing a day but don't get used to it either.

5th Month to the 8th Month

There is a change in the air if you made it this far and you can tell you've gotten results for what you've been doing. In fact, you're past the halfway point and now you've felt like it's smooth sailing from here. Well for the people who have short-term goals twist those party poppers and pop open drinks, you've made it and reap in those rewards. But for the people who have the year-long change habit changes or anything long term WAKE UP! Push a bit harder, make yourself get off that bed, and say "no I'm not there yet." Now you have to want it like need it and make sure everything will move with your two hands. I did this, looking at my body, weights, my own weight I felt good but it wasn't something I was looking for in the mirror or when I lifted something heavy.

9th Month to the Finish line

Welcome you have made it to the final push and you can put your cap on soon but remember not too soon. I have seen countless people get injuries around these months in the gym and I include for which we forget the basics or we underestimate the goal. Always remember your limits, the basics of what you've learned throughout the year and you'll make it, it's the biggest thing I see after every new year when I new person comes in daily in the gym. I hope for them to reach their goal sooner than later. But if you fail this year, you can always try again and again.

You and only you can shape, push, rearrange, and chase the person you want to be!


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