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20 Ways to Practice Self Care

by Waverleigh Rose Garlington 3 years ago in self care

Being kind to yourself is as important as being kind to others. For those of us who suffer from mental illness, self care may be especially difficult, but there are plenty of ways to get in to a routine of caring for yourself.

What is self care? It is a practice that allows you to know your worth. One who participates in self care has the goal of receiving positive thoughts of themselves.

20. Wash your face.

Start off your day by washing your face. It will clear your pores and hydrate your skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the world.

19. Dress to impress.

Dress to impress...yourself. Doll yourself up. Put on your favorite outfit. Wear your favorite perfume. Looking good purely for yourself will feel awesome.

18. Step back from social media.

Step back from your social media accounts for a full day. Giving yourself a 24 hour break will allow you to focus on other things IRL. Everybody needs a breath of fresh air.

17. Have a movie marathon.

Have a movie marathon, alone or with a group of friends. Load up on snacks, and just relax. Let your mind unwind with some true classics like Sixteen Candles or Forrest Gump.

16. Write down your feelings.

Take the time to write down your feelings. It may feel silly at first but putting pen to paper helps process your thoughts better. Write a list of your favorite things. Write down three of your strengths.

15. Drink water.

Drink water! Pour yourself a big glass with ice. You're supposed to drink half a gallon of water daily. Don't forget to stay hydrated.

14. Take a walk.

Taking a walk will give you the opportunity to clear your head and enjoy the world outside. Look around you. Are there flowers? Do you see any wildlife?

13. Listen to your favorite music.

Listen to your favorite music. Studies show that listening to music reduces depression, helps you sleep better, and lowers stress. Put on your headphones and close your eyes. Let the music drown out the world for a while.

12. Appreciate yourself.

Appreciate yourself. You're a true queen! Look in the mirror and pick at least one thing you love about yourself. Your body is beautiful, now say it that yourself.

11. Take a mental health day.

Don't be afraid to take a mental health day. Staying in bed to binge watch Seinfeld and sipping tea could benefit you more than you'd think. Allowing yourself a day off from the stresses of reality will prep you to be more alert for the weeks ahead.

10. Play outside.

Play outside. You're never too old to blow bubbles or swing on a swing set, or even just explore the great outdoors. Be a kid again.

9. Enjoy a hot drink.

Enjoy a hot drink. Stay warm and toasty with a piping hot mug of something delicious, whether you're a tea, coffee, or hot cocoa person.

8. Cry.

Have a good cry. Just know it's perfectly normal to let it all out. Crying actually releases stress. Freeing your emotions is good for you.

7. Read.

Try to read at least one book a month. There's nothing better than a new book. Let yourself be immersed in a different universe and forget about the world around you for a moment or two.

6. Spend time with someone you love.

Spend some time around someone you love. Being around them, making memories and enjoying their presence is priceless.

5. Go somewhere alone.

Go somewhere alone, like the beach and just enjoy the silence. You might find that you fancy spending time by yourself.

4. Go to sleep early.

Go to bed early. Getting a good night's rest is vital. Put on your comfiest pair of pajamas, turn off your all devices, and go to sleep at nine. You'll wake up feeling replenished.

3. Say no.

Don't be afraid to say no. It's okay to cancel plans. It's perfectly fine to say no to covering a shift at work. It's not selfish or wrong to do what's best for you.

2. Clean something.

Clean something. A closet, your room, whatever. It will feel great to have accomplished something.

1. Eat.

Eat something delicious. It might be difficult, depending on your relationship with food, but you need to eat. You deserve it.

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Waverleigh Rose Garlington

Gentry Rose is the self proclaimed author of the ongoing book For You I Will. She spends her free time writing and reading. She has three cats and one boyfriend, all whom she is immensely fond of.

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Waverleigh Rose Garlington
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