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12 Best Partner Workouts for Couples

by Kori Anderson 5 months ago in fitness

Great exercises to spend time together with your love to stay fit and healthy

12 Best Partner Workouts for Couples

According to Men’s Health, couples that workout out together, stay together. Sure dinner under the moonlight, date nights, and watching movies together can be great ways to strengthen these bonds, but exercises will give you a new understanding of your partner. If you exercise together, you can push each other to greater levels. Most of the workouts in this list are created to be competitive, and will help you see that you can push yourselves to be better in terms of your physical strength. Even if you are starting, you are much more likely to see results when you work out together, than when doing it alone. Your partner will encourage you to get through the pain. So which workouts are best for couples?

1. Squat jumps

Works: Hamstrings, gluteals, quadriceps, lower back, core

Equipment: None

How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and do a regular squat, engage your core, and jump as high as you can. Once you are down, lower yourself into the squat position. This is one rep. it should be done at a fast pace to keep the heart rate high. If you are advanced, you can make these jumps difficult by switching up the squat with high-knee jumps.

2. Push up cross high five

Works: core, shoulder, chest, and triceps

Equipment: None

How to do it: start in plank position, do a push up, and high five your partner. Always ensure your shoulders are down, and away from your ears, and that your core is engaged during the entire set.

3. The proposal

Works: Core, triceps, legs

Equipment: Weighted plate

How to do it: You can do the knee taps with alternating lunges for about 10 meters across the gym each way. Ensure you carry the plate with you, and are building cake on the other end. Go one way with the weights, and the other without them if you are just starting out. This movement is similar to the bended knee he did when he proposed.

4. Chain and ball

Works: the whole body

How to do it: Run 500 meters with the medball, and switch it at the 250 meters mark. Here, do ball chest presses, overhead passes, partner burpees, and a plank. Switch, and do the plank burpee combo again. Then do the wall balls where you throw the ball to your partner, they catch it, and throw it back to you. Run with the ball to the 250 mark, and switch. Repeat for three reps.

5. Team work

Because communication and trust are critical for relationships

Works: All muscles

How to do it: Tie your partner and yourself, as if you are doing the three legged race and:

  • Do 20 pushups together
  • 20 pullups
  • 30 air squats
  • 25 step ups
  • 30 situps

While at it, you can try the complete burpee together to see how well you can work.


Works: Gluteus, chest, shoulders, core

In this one, you are required to do as many burpees as possible in five minutes. The trick is that if one partner is faster, they must wait for the other one, because these must be done in sync—like in dancing.

7. Tag, you’re it

Works: The whole body

How to do it: Partner A runs for 500m, and while they are gone, partner B does 10 pull-ups, 10 overhead walking lunges, and 10 toes to bar. Once both are finished, they switch.

8. Jumping rounds

Works: Keeps your heart rate high to increase metabolism

Equipment: Barbells

How to do it: Here, you must do overhead presses. The partners work on different workouts, and switch it up each minute. Rest after every two minutes of work. After rest, each partner must complete 75 single-under, and 50 double under. Continue for 15 minutes.

9. Plank challenge

Works: Core, shoulders, hips

How it works: Partners challenge each other to do three reps of three minute planks. If one partner stops, the other must stop with them, and start again when ready.

10. Cleans

Because couples must work together to maintain their lives

How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, lift the bar forcefully, and as it passes the knees, thrust forward to avoid knocking them.

11. Pull ups

Pull ups are simple workouts that you and your partner can challenge yourself. The stronger one can assist the weaker one when they need help.

12. Box jumps

These are simple. You jump on the box together, so that when one is on the box the other partner is on the ground. These are great for warm-up before you get to the others on this list.


Try the workouts on this list, and you will be surprised just how many aspects of your relationship will be improved. You can choose indoor or outdoor activities that will help you stay fit and get stronger.

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