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10 Simple and Easy Weight Loss tips for women

We all want to know how to make the best use of our time and effort for faster weight loss results

By Ange DimPublished about a year ago 7 min read
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This post isn’t about taking any shakes or diet pills.

I’ve never taken any of those things in my lifetime — and I don’t plan on starting anytime soon!

I once worked with women who wanted to lose a few kgs.

She wasn’t big by any means but felt she was overindulging far too much for her liking.

It’s entirely possible that too many nights out having dinners with friends and drinking would have done the damage.

Indulging with friends is essential, but it can sometimes get out of hand when you make it a habit 3–4 times a week.

Those extra calories add up and somehow start to appear in your body.

Tighter pants, tops or a belly appearing when it wasn’t usually there.

So, this woman decided it was a good idea to supplement her meal with a shake.

I still remember the smell of those things — awful is an understatement!

Perhaps it’s a similar smell to that of a pre-workout. The aroma of chemicals and artificial ingredients packed into liquid form is overwhelming.

Well, did this work for her? Not particularly.

What happens when you go back to adding that meal in?

Eventually, that’s what you have to do unless you want to drink powder for life.

A problem then lies in this story. First, it’s not entirely sustainable.

Forgive me if this is fine for you. A lot of us prefer to chew our food.

What do we do instead? We make better food choices, add a bit of exercise, and things start to shift.

But that’s not all we do.

There is quite a bit of a list.

But the above sentence is a great starting point.

Money spent on shakes and supplements isn’t a good idea.

Results are governed by setting some rules in place and then following them.

Bypassing the educational part of nutrition and exercise is fatal.

I’ve compiled a list of 10 easy tips that all women can follow — and of course, anyone who has underlying health issues should double-check with a doctor before proceeding.

It’s important to note that this is general advice.

I have no underlying health conditions that prevent me from doing these things (unless it’s related to my list of allergies).

Some may be new concepts, but basically, it’s all pretty stock standard.

We all take a completely different journey when it comes to weight loss. Some things work, and others don’t work so well.

We can take parts and put them into our weight loss toolbox during the learning phase.

Things do tend to change as we age, but for simplicity, don’t take other people’s scare tactics to heart when talking about weight loss.

I’ve been doing this for years and putting up with other women’s sorry excuses.

We have to be honest with ourselves — because we are responsible for the results or failures with our diet and how we look and feel.

The only thing you control is the food you eat and the exercise you do daily.

During particular stages of your life, you may develop hormonal problems.

For one, I had endometriosis and a couple of other horrible things.

So, I took control and decided a hysterectomy was the only solution.

My health was compromised, despite all the interventions I did try. Nothing worked.

Once I told a few people, the scare tactics started flooding in. And that’s only natural. Other people experience different side effects, which puts them in the boat of regret.

Remember that everyone is different — we all have unique genetic makeup.

But, we can control our food and exercise.

Therefore, we have to be honest about what we eat — really honest.

No one will call you out on that one; it’s something you need to do.

What results from this small habit is a physique and health you are proud of.

Who doesn’t want that now, and well into old age?

So, therefore, without further rambling, here is my take on weight loss tips that helped me over the many years of trying and failing, and then succeeding (but still learning, mind you).

One: Eat more plants — especially green veggies

They help bring a lot more fibre into your life, increasing your good gut bacterial helping you to feel full for more extended periods.

The great news is that veggies of all kinds help bring more satiety to your meals.

As a person who ate a lot of protein, I always found myself hungry.

Now I eat less protein and more veggies.

That’s helped me regulate my appetite and stay slim.

Two: Watch your food intake

Anyone can easily overeat.

Therefore, this is where we must be honest with ourselves and not get into the habit of obsession.

If you want to eat something with more calories or a treat, make sure you supplement that in your daily intake.

For instance, If I want to eat a vegan cupcake filled with sugar and flour, I make sure to lower my overall carb intake for the day and perhaps eat half instead of a whole cupcake.

These small things make a difference between maintenance or increase of body weight.

Three: Be active daily

The rainfall in Sydney makes it hard for me to get out regularly.

Thankfully, when I’m working from home, I can get on a treadmill and walk in the comfort and safety of my own home.

I made that investment during Covid and have found it the best option for keeping those step goals alive.

Sometimes, we have to think of creative ways to walk or move into our day.

What can you do that will help increase activity?

Four: Eat to keep yourself 80% full

That means stop before you feel stuffed.

It means eating a bit less, so you feel comfortable and don't need to have a nap as compensation.

Although it does take discipline, this works every time.

Just don't overeat to compensate during other meals.

Five: It’s a mindset thing

Weight loss and maintenance are all about controlling your mind and self-discipline.

That means you have to stick with the plan and make the best of those times you can’t.

It’s about being flexible but not obsessive.

Mind control is also about putting in the work.

It initially takes conscious effort every day, but that tapers off as you get used to your lifestyle.

Six: Lift weights

I always talk about this — but only because it works and it’s true!

Lifting weights is one of the best ways to change your body and increase metabolism.

If you watch your food intake and lift weights, your body starts changing within a few weeks!

It also helps you increase your self-confidence.

I can't stop mentioning just how much weight training did to help me feel stronger on the inside as the outside started changing.

Seven: It’s ok to be an outsider

This is your life, your health, and don’t bother yourself with what other people do.

Whenever I go to a work function, my team is terrific.

Everyone might drink lots of beer and eat pizza and chips, but they know I don’t eat that way.

It makes me an outsider — but I’m also a good role model for leading a healthy lifestyle.

So, I always get to order a healthy meal for myself.

Everyone knows that I won’t touch crap and they accept and appreciate it.

Eight: The importance of drinking water

It’s astounding just how many friends and colleagues tell me they are tired and have a headache.

To that, I ask, “did you drink enough water?” 100% of the time, they did not! So, buy yourself a bottle and keep filling it up and drinking it!

Buy a few bottles if you need to, and get a filtered water jug subscription.

Do what it takes towards encouraging more water into your system.

Better yet, drink 2 cups of water before you think about food — and watch your appetite become suppressed.

Nine: It’s a never-ending journey

So many friends of mine took the weight loss journey only to stop after a few months.

There is no end to it.

Dieting and exercising is a lifestyle habit. If you want to stop, that's fine - but without awareness, you might slip back into your old habits.

Creating a simple lifestyle plan for better health, weight loss, and longevity is more realistic.

Ten: Less animal protein

I’m not going to tell you to be a vegan, but I spent years eating an excessive amount of protein.

Now, I can’t handle the stuff. I can only tolerate eggs once in a while, but it’s all veggies for me!

Think about filling your body with good, wholesome plant-based alternatives every day.

Add in your protein every so often.

Protein is overused in many ways. It’s essential but not the be-all and end-all of dieting.

We don’t need to eat that much protein unless we pack on serious muscle.

From my experience, there aren’t many people after that look anymore.

Key take away

I could write 20 or 30 points here, but these are a great starting point for women contemplating weight loss or anyone who needs a bit more leverage and a few different concepts.

During my journey, I always fall back on the basics — and that’s where I am now.

Nothing is perfect, but it suits the lifestyle and ethics I’m aligned towards.

If you would like to express gratitude with coffee, send the love via this link.

What is your overall goal for weight loss?

If you would like to express gratitude with coffee, send the love via this link.

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