10 Signs You May Be Allergic to Gluten

by Riley Molnar 11 months ago in diet

Fat naps, Farts, and Acne- no, it is not just 'hormones.'

10 Signs You May Be Allergic to Gluten

1. Your shoulders are bumpy

Often times, gluten can cause 'chicken skin.' I often thought it was acne and I felt terrible! Took me 19 years to realize that gluten was causing this pitiful allergic reaction all over my skin. How are my skin and I doing now? Oh, we Glowin', sis.

2. Red face

"Why is your face so red?" "You look like a tomato!" are unsolicited comments I would get throughout my days. I thought my skin was just really sensitive. Nope. Can you guess the culprit?

3. Gut gurgles

Literally. Whether it be non-cooperating flatulence or tummy rumbles from down unda'—gluten can cause stomachaches, severe bloating, and windy rectums. I wish I was joking.

4. Swollen ankles/body parts

I woke up one morning and my ankles literally looked like grapefruits. Why? Pancakes for breakfast, croutons in my salad, and fried chicken for dinner... almost every night. Okay, maybe not every night, but you get the picture. My body is allergic to gluten. Severely. I did not know, so my body decided to tell me. With severe pitting Edema and four hour long naps... everyday.

5. Naps that turn into full nights of sleep

ZZZ. That is me telling you how I felt before I found out I had Celiac. Tired all of the time. I could sleep anywhere and everywhere. I could not stay awake in class, I dropped out of sports. I was exhausted. My body was attacking itself. I was sick all of the time. I was done.

6. Listen up, Grouchy-Pants

That's right, you heard me. Has anyone, or maybe yourself, picked up on your irritable temper. You get mad for no reason, feel like you can not sit still, and you're also ready for that nap? gluten. C U T I T O U T. And the attitude. I became a whole new person once I went gluten free. No pain, lots of mind gainzzz.

7. Body aches

I was literally diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis before the Doctors realized I had Celiac. I am talking about going to the nurse's office at school every day for minor pains because I was actually in pain. My parents thought I was a hypochondriac. My knees hurt, my back, my neck, my feet. Cramps all the time—and bananas never worked. Why? Gluten.

8. Migraines

HOLY SHHHHMOKES THE MIGRAINES. You wanna talk about pain? Try walking around everyday feeling like your brain has given itself a DIY Lobotomy. I tried every migraine preventative in the book. Beta-blockers, depression medicine, Blood pressure medicine, everything. As soon as I cut out Gluten, I went from having a 45 day migraine to maybe one or two a month. Clarity.

9. Your poop smells—more than normal.

If your own poop smells enough to almost clear YOU out of the room—whew, man that is rank. But seriously, if you are allergic to Gluten your body is trying to get rid of that toxic junk in your gut—all while your gut is in pain, inflamed, and annoyed with that Panera Bread bowl you get everyday.

10. You find yourself forgetting things

Brain fog is real. One time I put my car keys in my microwave. After a Chick-Fil-A binge. You do stupid things when you have an underlying allergy and you are all jacked-up on Malt Barley.

No, I am not a Doctor—yet. But I have experienced this first hand. This is someone who swam for 15 years. Spaghetti team dinners were my favorite day of the week, and cereal was the only thing that could get me out of bed in the morning. I ate gluten. I enjoyed it. I am Italian for crying out loud—we LOVE BREAD. I am not one of those people that tell you to cut out gluten because it is "cool." Having a gluten allergy or having Celiac is not cool. It is not fun. It is a total shit show. Almost all the time. But your body will thank you. Get checked. And do not avoid gluten prior to taking allergy tests. It needs to be in your system. Take care of yourself. Your mental health and physical health will appreciate it.


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Riley Molnar
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