10 Positive Things I Noticed After I Stopped Smoking

by Nathaniel Corns about a year ago in list

A few of the benefits I noticed after kicking my worst habit.

10 Positive Things I Noticed After I Stopped Smoking

If you want my honest opinion, I could not recommend quitting enough. I have seen so many benefits that made me wish I had quit sooner. I have been smoke free since January 1, 2018, and I feel so much better in myself. Here are just a small handful of things that I have noticed since quitting:

1. I have saved so much money.

Seriously, now that I am not spending literally hundreds of pounds on cigarettes and roll ups I have more money to do things I actually want. It is easier to save up for things, and I can buy other people better presents.

2. My sense of taste has become stronger.

When I quit I did not know that this would be a side effect, but it turns out this is actually really common! My taste buds have started to repair themselves, and I am actually enjoying food a whole lot more.

3. I do not smell all the time.

People actually like hanging around with me, and I do not have to carry 70 bottles of deodorant around with me to try and mask the smell.

4. I have more energy.

I do not feel as tired or drained all the time anymore. Sure, I still feel tired when I do not have a good night's rest, but I do not feel constantly exhausted. I feel like when I am tired I have a reason to be tired, which is something I never felt I could say before.

5. I cope with stress better.

Now that I am not constantly counting down until my next cigarette, I actually find stressful situations easier to deal with. Plus it reduces stress in general—I do not have to plan my day around when I can next smoke. I do not have to stress myself out looking for a smoking area. I can sit through long meetings without having to ask to leave.

6. I am having better sex.

A weird one I know, but this actually does make sense. According to the NHS website many people report having better sex once they quit smoking. Stopping smoking improves your circulation. So men who stop smoking get better erections, and women who quit get aroused more easily, and have more intense orgasms.

7. My skin, hair, and nails feel better.

My nails are not as flaky, and no longer have that yellow tint to them. My hair feels stronger and cleaner. My skin does not look as old—it actually matches my age.

8. I am less shaky.

Since I am no longer having nicotine rushes and withdrawals, I am not as shaky, and my heartbeat is more even, which makes me steadier. It has improved my coordination and ability to carry out tasks effectively.

9. I have less acne.

Constantly filling my body with toxins was making me have break outs, and now I do not have to deal with that anymore. As someone who has naturally oily skin, this is a blessing. It makes me feel so much more confident about myself, and it shows when I interact with people.

10. My circulation has improved.

I do not get cold hands and feet as often anymore. This makes sense as not smoking allows your blood to thin out, and allows the heart muscle to grow stronger. Both of these result in better circulation, and as a result I'm less cold, and less prone to pins and needles.

These are just a few small personal observations I have noticed since I quit smoking, but there is actually a lot happening in my body that I am not even aware of, such as my lungs healing themselves, and my risk of coronary heart disease decreasing. I will be the first to say that quitting smoking was one of the best things I have ever done, and I hope this article can convince you to do the same.

Nathaniel Corns
Nathaniel Corns
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