10 Most Popular Nature Sounds

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For calming down your body and mind

Nature sounds can be a great way to relax after having a tough day, either at work, school, or in your personal life. They also make a calming atmosphere if you play them in the background, while working, studying, or meditating. Before the wonderful world of the internet, people had to go out into the wild to experience the nature sounds, but now you can do it from the comfort of your own home, either by listening on YouTube, sites like Spotify and SoundCloud, or Nature Sounds TV. In this article, we take a look at the 10 most searched for nature sounds, according to Google

10: River sounds, the last place on this top 10 list of the most searched for nature sounds goes to the sound of rivers. Calming sounds that are great to listen to while trying to fall asleep .

9: Fire sounds, quite the opposite of rivers, people are more interested in listening to the crackling sound of fires burning, be it in fireplaces, campfires, or bonfires. Fire sounds are quite relaxing actually .

8: Rainforest sounds, the sound of birds chirping and waterfalls falling off cliffs in the jungle, people looking for relaxing natural sounds tend to search for rainforest sounds, landing it in the eighth place of most searched for nature sounds .

7: Waterfall sounds, the sound of waterfalls only are more popular than the rainforest sounds. Waterfall sounds can be great to block out other distracting noises from your surroundings, since it acts as a natural white noise, with no sudden interruptions .

6: Wind sounds, the soothing sound of gentle wind blowing and rustling the leaves on the trees, or strong wind howling in the snowy mountains. These cozy sounds are nice to listen to while you focus on your work in front of the computer, for example.

5: Thunderstorm sounds, the majestic sounds of strong wind, with thunder and lightning, and maybe heavy rain as well. People might not enjoy being out in thunderstorms, but they sure like to listen to them at home .

4: Rain sounds, at the fourth place, we find my own favorite nature sound for sleep and relaxation. The soothing sound of rain falling, another natural sound that we enjoy listening to while being indoors. This is also a great background sound to help you focus on work and studies .

3: Bird sounds, moving towards the top of the list, we find bird sounds. Not so surprising, as the calming sound of birds chirping can be quite relaxing, for both the body and the mind. You probably have experienced this, if you have been out hiking in the forest .

2: Ocean sounds. The second most popular nature sound on Google is the sound of the ocean. Be it large waves crashing against the shore, on a stormy day, or tiny waves gently washing up on the beach. Either way, ocean sounds is a very popular nature sound to calm down with .

1: Animal sounds. On top if the list we find the sound of animals. Surprising as it may seem, nothing soothes people more than the sounds that animals make, like the calling of whales and dolphins, the roar of lions, meowing of cats, and so on .

Have you ever tried to listen to nature sounds when you are feeling stressed out? If you have, you might already have found out that nature sounds are a great way to calm down and make your body and mind feel more relaxed. If you haven't yet, why not try putting on some relaxing nature sounds and see how it goes? It's free and it will only take you 15 minutes to try out, clear your mind of negative thoughts, focus on the sounds you are hearing, and let your imagination take to the perfect place in nature

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Colton Hunter
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