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Why drinking water with lemon should be your number one priority throughout the summer

Why should you drink lemon water in summer!

By Jacob DamianPublished 5 months ago 4 min read

Now that summer has arrived, it is essential to prepare for the sweltering heat by maintaining a healthy fitness routine and drinking enough of water. It may seem to be uncomplicated, but this is one season in which prioritising health care turns out to be the most essential thing. During this time of year, the body is more susceptible to a variety of seasonal illnesses, such as food poisoning, heat stroke, and diarrhoea.

You can't escape the hot heat no matter how hard you try to remain inside and take care of your health. This ends up depleting all of your energy, which further contributes to an electrolyte imbalance in the body.

Lemons are the citrus fruit that can be found the most readily, and they are packed with the health benefits of vitamin C. It's the season for having fun in the sun, driving with the windows down, and having water battles on the rooftops, but all of these activities may be exhausting during the summer, and lemons are the only thing that can actually save the day

They contain a variety of healthy ingredients that keep our bodies hydrated and fresh all season long. Your body will benefit greatly from a lemon-water mixture, especially in the summer. This summer, while we raced about the town, all you need is a simple glass of lemon water. These are some reasons you ought to sip this summertime nectar:

improves immune system

With the rapid rise in temperature and the sweltering breezes, summers may be stressful on the body. It depletes your vitality and weakens your immune system in addition to draining your energy. Your immune system will be strengthened and kept healthy if you sip on some lemon water. Lemons' natural antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics aid in the battle against illnesses, particularly the common cold and viral fevers that are more prevalent in the summer.

Luminous Skin

We are being scorched by the sun, and the UV rays are doing more than just making it hotter. In the heat, our skin is more vulnerable to harm. Being outside in the summer tide might cause uneven pigmentation and accelerated ageing. Lemon water can aid in preventing certain skin issues before they arise. Lemon water helps the skin to be more bright and healthy since it is particularly moisturising and contains antioxidants that aid in blood detoxification. Lemons include vitamin C, which helps to repair damaged cells and eliminate wrinkles, blemishes, and other skin issues.

Body Hydrates

Your body can quickly become dehydrated during the summer, which can lead to weariness and stress. Pour yourself a glass of lemon water to increase your hydration and restore pH balance. Lemons have 90% higher water content than other fruits and vegetables, as well as electrolytes. This helps you stay hydrated in the scorching sun.

Loss of weight

Everyone wants to look their best during this time of year, but as the sun grows hotter, our clothes get thinner. Lemon water is extremely low in calories and detoxifies the body. Instead of going on lemon water fasts, incorporate the healthy beverage into your daily diet. Lemons have a high fibre content, which helps you feel fuller for longer while also accelerating your metabolism. It's the proper action to take in order to lose weight healthily.

Healthier Hair

The three hair damagers that frequently return each summer are sweat, heat, and dust. When all of these are combined, the hair follicles become clogged and become oily and greasy. Daily consumption of lemon water reduces glandular oil production and secretion while also tightening hair follicles to stop hair loss. Lemons include vitamin C, which aids in the creation of collagen, which encourages hair growth and results in healthier, longer hair.

Fuel Booster

You need all the energy you can get if you want to go out and canter about. Lemons boost your mood and increase your body's energy levels. When the lemon's negative ions enter the bloodstream, they improve mood and give you more energy. Drink plenty of fluids to restore your energy levels because the environment is full with positive ions, or free radicals, which throw off the equilibrium of our inner magnetic field.

Reduce Body Odor Sweating and body odour go hand in hand, and nobody likes to smell like a walking sweat box. Lemons' acidity inhibits bacteria from accumulating, and their antibacterial qualities inhibit the growth of the microorganisms that cause odours. Instead of just covering the odour with conventional deodorants, drink lemon water to stop it from spreading.

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