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How to choose a water filter for outdoor camping?

Drinking healthy water resources

By AllenPublished about a month ago 3 min read
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Water is very important to outdoor people at all times. When camping and picnicking, you need clean water to make delicious food, ensuring the safety of the food and even improving the deliciousness of the food; when hiking, you need clean water to replenish moisture and electrolytes; when you are in trouble, having water means you will have a longer wait for rescue. time.

Water is so important, yet so inconvenient to carry. For outdoor people, it is not easy to choose suitable water purification equipment.

Portable water purifier

More and more people are choosing portable water purifiers. They are not only small in size, but also often use more than one filter material as the main filter material. They can often remove a variety of pollutants from the water, and the water can be purified in a short time. However, there are many types of portable water purifiers. Only when we understand the characteristics of different types can we make a better choice?

Pump water purifier

The most common portable water purifier is the pump type. This kind of water purifier uses the reciprocating motion of a hand-push piston to make water flow through a filter element with a water purification function to obtain clean water. The water pumping process is like pumping air into a tire. Bacteria, suspended pollutants, and other harmful substances in the water are removed, and what flows out from the water outlet of the water purifier is safe drinking water that can be consumed directly.

Generally speaking, this kind of water purifier is suitable for individuals or small teams (3-4 people) to simply purify drinking water. Since it requires constant repetitive movements, pumping water for a long time usually makes people feel tired easily. However, the advantages of this type of pump water purifier are also obvious. Because the pressure of the hand pump is relatively large, pump water purifiers often use multi-stage filter materials with higher precision, and the water quality obtained is often cleaner.

There are also some electric pump-type ones on the market, which are powered by batteries. They have the advantages of hand pump-type water purifiers but do not require manpower, making them much more convenient to use. But they are usually relatively bulky and more suitable for self-driving use.

Straw water purifier

This water purifier is very popular among hiking enthusiasts because it is small and lightweight. This kind of water purifier is often only about the size of a marker pen. It uses pressure such as mouth suction and squeezing to pass the water source through the filter element to remove various pollutants in the water.

Although it is a straw-type water purifier, it is not limited to sucking through the mouth. This water purifier has more ways to use it. For example, you can attach a soft water bag or a water bottle to the bottom of the water purifier to squeeze and filter. This usage is more suitable for our people.

Because this type of water purifier is small enough, it is more suitable for hiking and hiking enthusiasts. The mouth-suction type is more suitable for individuals and can be used by everyone. If you want to share it with a small team, you can also get a water bag or water bottle and use a squeeze filter to filter it. However, when choosing a matching water bag or water bottle, you should pay attention to whether the caliber matches.

Reverse osmosis water filter

Reverse osmosis water filters use RO membranes for filtration. The filter pores of RO membranes are at the nanometer level (0.1 nanometers), which is smaller than ordinary filter membranes (10-100 nanometers), and the diameter of most viruses is 10-300 nanometers, so ITEHIL It can truly filter more than 99.999% of viruses. This kind of reverse osmosis water filter usually purifies water very quickly and frees up manpower. It is very suitable for camping picnics or team outdoor activities.

Water bottle/bag water purifier

This kind of water purifier looks like an ordinary kettle/bag. When used, the water to be purified is put into the kettle/bag. With the help of external pressure, such as the air pressure generated by hand pressing the airbag/kettle body, the pressure of mouth suction, etc., the kettle/bag can be purified. The water inside flows through the filter element with a water purification function, thereby obtaining clean water that can be directly drunk.

Choosing a suitable outdoor water purifier is the most feasible, convenient, and guaranteed way to obtain clean and safe drinking water.

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