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Why Break is Essential

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By AD AshPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Why Break is Essential
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Here is a thing, remember that day when you first start doing your work. Each and everything that day feels very exciting to you, You’re well prepared to start and show your extreme talent to your office colleagues. Your mind is fresh and feels very productive to you, let’s say you feel this way every time you enter the office, But as months pass you feel very tired and restless. When you first join the office; you do almost any work in a fixed period those days, But now you feel that you aren’t able to do that much work even a week.

Then, you realize that maybe you have to concentrate on your work. So, now you started to make your daily routine, As you make the routine you started to follow them. Days pass you follow the routine, week pass you still follow the routine, But as the month pass you again feel the same tired and unproductive. Now what you do now, blame yourself, what happens to me, why I feel like I am just a lazy man who always tried to find a way to move out and procrastinate.

Now here, What you don’t understand that all you have to do to take a break.

Break Improves The Productivity

As a human, we often feel that we are just made for to do work. So, all the time we’ll try to get our greatest level of productivity. I mean you also observe that, like if you’re a student you always try to study hard all the time or if you are a working employed you also do the same. The entire society tells us to be hard at work. But what they don’t tell us is when to take breaks from our hardship. We are not a robot, we are humans. And sometimes we just forgot the fact that we are human. And to obtain that fact, we have to act like humans. So, you have to accept, that you do get tired. Accepting that you get tired doesn’t mean that you always take a break or become a procrastinator. Too much of anything is a bad thing.

I always take at least 30 days off a year. You can do whatever to relax your mind. I know a bunch of people who always take a week off from work. And feel very relaxed and chill after the week off. I always wanted to know their secret so, I just ask that person about his daily routine. He smiles and says ‘I do take a break for relaxed my mind to do more’ Then, he gave me an insight overview of his break routine.

He shares his four habits during the week break:

  • Plan your trip
  • Make a small vlog every day
  • Make one good habit
  • Get Inspired By Everything

Plan Your Trip:

Planning is very essential to do anything. Planning gave you a blueprint of your activity throughout your actions. Just like this; Before going to take a vacation, all you need to do is to plan your activity like:

Free time - He says believe me or not but even in the break we just do some regular work. So, we have to just forget about our daily routine during vacation. Just do what you always wanted to do in your free time.

Peaceful place - The most important thing during your break is that where you spend it. Taking a break doesn’t mean that you have to stay in a luxury perhaps, it’s more like finding peace. So, before the break just find your peaceful place to spend your entire break time.

Sleep cycle - We all know that to be active, we have to take a very good quality of sleep. But somehow we can’t able to take a good sleep because of our tight schedule. Then, the break is become very important to improve our sleep cycle.

Fun activity - Doing fun is very important during your break. So, do some fun activities during your vacation or break time. Fun activities like sports release our body tension.

Make A Small Vlog Everyday

Now you have a plan. So, all you need is proof that you’ll follow it. When you start your vacation as per your plan just capture it by making a small vlog. Vlogging is a very fun and easy way to record your day. Making a small video of your day during your break time it gave you a sense of satisfaction that you do thing as per your plan.

Make One Good Habit

I know it sounds very strange to build a habit on vacation or in breaktime. But you know it’s a very renowned fact that people will learn very fast during break time. If I am talking about myself, I’ll also make a habit of reading during my vacation. And trust me, I think reading is not my thing at that time, but I will make it work. That day I realize nothing is impossible if we’ll make our mind to do it. It doesn’t mean you start doing your daily work, No absolutely not. You have to understand that you take a break to improve yourself. So, do what excites you. like, do that thing which you always wanted to do. But just for the sake of your work you dropped it.

Get inspired by Everything

We have to get inspired every time to do something insane. But inspiration is not something that you’ll only get from billionaires or big entrepreneurs. In fact, If you ask them that how you become so successful then, they say I get inspiration from that thing or that moment inspires me. They don’t say that I follow this businessman or this entrepreneur. You can get inspired by anything. Assume you follow a person who is labor but he is extremely hardworking. Then you get inspired by him by saying man that person is hardworking. This is called a real inspiration.


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