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8 things that made me Productive


By AD AshPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

A while ago, I was extremely unorganized. All I was doing is just try to get away from my liability and priority at that time. Literally, no one wants to believe in me if it’s about work. And I also know that fact, that I am not good enough if it comes to work. All I do is just watching Netflix, talking uselessly, wasting my time, and So on. It’s become a habit to procrastinate if it’s come to work.

Then, one day one of my best friends come to me and tell me about his work ethic. Like how he manages his day to be productive, how he manages his time etc. At that time when he explaining me his routine, I was not too attentive like always I do. But then, he asks one question to me, and that question changes me forever. He asks bro “what’s your existence in this world?” and trust me, it feels like someone wakes me up from a long sleep. Then, I determine that day, I will make my existence matter to this world. So, I start to observe my day, and I will honest with you guys, it does take time. But once you adopt it, you will become unstoppable.

On The Activation Mode

Look, it doesn’t matter what your routine is or whats your entire timetable for the day. All does matter is to take an action. If you make a routine but can’t apply it, then you have to understand, that you not gonna make it what you expected it to be. So, activate yourself to do action as per your time.

Observe Your Ideas

We already know that fact, that you cannot remember everything. Our brain just works like a hard drive where storage is limited, and we have a limitless file to upload. So, the question that arises here is, that how we able to store all of our files on that limited hard drive?. The answer is simple just clean up your junk file every time you upload something, which Means only work on one idea at a time.

Don’t waste time

Sometimes we do some mindless things, like influence with someone’s baseless idea or the fake personality. And I think it’s very common among all of us. look influence with someone who gave you meaningful information is great, but influence by someone who doesn’t know his own identification then you may end up wasting your time.

Break is important

Nowadays, we always try to compete with one another. So, we put our blood, sweat & tears in order to compete. But by doing all of this, we forgot that we are humans; Look, competition is an amazing way to be alert. But you can’t compete without your healthy mind so, you have to take a break to be healthy to compete.

Don’t be Distracted

I always feel, that whenever I start doing something important, I usually get distracted with my phone. If we talk about distraction it ain’t a very profound topic, everyone at some instant gets distracted. You can’t totally get free from distraction, but you can control it, by setting up the time to do things.

Don’t do too much

Our parents teach us from our childhood that “Too much thing is not always a good thing”. But somehow we don’t implement it. You have to accept the fact, that we are not perfect.

Be in Shape

A good and healthy body is very important, in terms of setting goals. So, you have to be in shape.

Don’t forget to Enjoy

After all of this, don’t forget to enjoy it. Look, we all know that hurdle never leaves us. But if we tackle them with a smile then it becomes easier.


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AD Ash

Hi! I am ash and I am a science and psychology enthusiast. So, if you are interested in any of this science or Psychology stuff, then you are in a great place.

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[email protected]

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