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Which exercise is beneficial for slipped disc?

Here, we are talking about the benefits of exercise to cure the pain of a slipped disc. Are you having any type of disease or pain related to the spine or brain? No need to bear that pain of a slipped disc or any other spine-related problem? An exercise regimen is part of our treatment strategy and, if followed correctly, can help relieve your discomfort. Along with this, your body will be in better health. We all have various body types. Therefore, not every activity is appropriate for everyone. The choice of exercises should prioritize both security and efficiency.

By Dr Yogesh guptaPublished about a month ago 4 min read
Best exercise for slipped disc

Do you have a slipped disc or another spine-related issue? Is it hard or not? But don't worry. An exercise routine is part of our treatment plan that, if properly followed, can be useful in relieving your discomfort. Along with this, your body will have better health. But good ones are necessary for them. Not every exercise fits everyone else because we all have different body types. The choice of exercises should consider safety and effectiveness as a top priority.

The next stage of the process is to create a blog that elaborates on the exercises that can benefit people with slipped discs. It will relieve their pain. While you do these exercises, your muscle strength, flexibility, and health are improved. Everybody is different. It is because you should see a physician before moving into a new form of exercise that you are not used to. It is because they already know the type of your body.

It is critical to ask for professional help before starting exercise because only they know our problem well. They understand the body type you have and will make sure that you are doing exercises that are fit for you. It is essential to follow the advice of experts to ensure safe progress. It can help speed up the recovery process and help you live a pain-free life.

Understanding the Slipped Disc:

A slipped disc is a situation when the soft part of the disc comes through a small hole in the hard part of your spine. It can lead to back pain or leg numbness, which can feel like weakness in your legs. Sometimes exercising can make you feel good, but the most vital thing is feeling good and performing the right exercises for you with consultation from a doctor.

Before performing any exercise, consult a doctor familiar with your slipped disc. They can provide the correct information about choosing exercises that don't make the situation worse and the right way to perform them. Thus, as with any other case, always consult your doctor before trying anything new, even for that slipped disc!

Consulting a doctor:

Many safe activities can be performed with a slipped disc. It is essential to have a conversation with a doctor first. They are like Sherlock Holmes hunting your health; they can look closely at how you're feeling, understand what's happening inside your body, and give you the right exercises that are just right for your needs. Doctors can advise patients on what exercises are most suitable, what should be the frequency, and how hard they should be. By working with a professional, you can ensure you are properly doing everything, without the risk of worsening your slipped disc. They're like that support system that will help you step by step until you reach that point of feeling better.

Priorities When Consulting a Doctor:

Medical Evaluation: The doctor will first perform a complete physical examination to decide the condition of your slipped disc. They could also conduct a physical examination of your body if possible, and if additional tests such as MRI or CT scans are required, they will do them to get a clear image. They will also discuss your medical history with you to get a full view of the picture; this will help them plan your care program better.

Individualized Approach: As each slipped disc can be unique, the same treatment or solution that worked for one person may not work for another. Your doctor will look into the location of your slipped disc, the level of its severity, and any other medical problems you may have. They can then recommend exercises according to your fitness level.

Safety First: Safety is essential when managing a spinal disc. Engaging in improper exercises or even doing them with incorrect forms can make things even worse. However, you can be assured that your doctor will watch out for you and suggest exercises suitable for your condition. And they will have your back if you run into any obstacles. They will guide you and point out the direction to follow. Thus, your doctor will help you build up your strength. Each day will bring positive progress and improved well-being.

Beneficial Exercises for Slipped Discs:

Different exercises can be helpful for the management of the slipped disc But, the ones that work well can differ from person to person. Here are a few exercises that can be good choices:

Core Strengthening Exercises: Let's focus on training the muscles surrounding your back, especially the core muscles. When the supported muscle is well-developed, it can help you deal with back pain. Planks, bridges, and bird dogs are low back load-bearing exercises performed on hands and knees as you extend one leg and the opposite arm.

Stretching and Flexibility Exercises for the body: With the stretching you do, tension and stiffness in your muscles disappear, and the spine flexibility is enhanced, taking off some pressure from your spinal area. Forward lunges such as planks, front and side flutter kicks, flutter kicks, hurdling, sit-ups, hamstring stretches, piriformis stretches, and cat-cow stretches are some exercises you can try here.

Low-affected Aerobic Exercise: Simple physical activities like walking, swimming, or cycling can improve cardiovascular health and circulation while the spine doesn't experience too much stress. These exercises also promote general fitness and manage weight, which are vital for spinal health.

Exercises for Mind-Body: Techniques such as yoga and tai chi involve a combination of slow movements, breathing techniques, and mindfulness, which can help reduce mental stress, postural problems, and physical relaxation, among other things. Such practices can be beneficial to people with a slipped disc.


Selecting suitable exercises for your program will guide you in dealing with symptoms and enhancing function for individuals experiencing slipped discs. However, safety must come first. Consult the health specialist before beginning a new exercise program. Enhance your health by collaborating with your specialist and following a customized exercise plan.

Dr. Yogesh Gupta specializes in many forms of spinal surgery. He is a leading neurosurgeon in India nowadays. He is known for employing Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Techniques for many spine diseases, including slipped discs, Lumbar Canal Stenosis, and Spinal Tumors. He is one of the best spine surgeons in India.


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