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Where to Buy the Best Postcards Online in Canada?

by shirin habibzadeh 5 months ago in product review
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Are you looking for real estate postcards in Canada? Check out this story.

Real Estate Postcards

Those businesses active in the real estate market choose postcards for lots of reasons. These marketing tools have been successful in attracting the intended prospects. Direct mailing these postcards will get your message across to whoever you want. But can we get online services for printing these postcards? And more importantly, can the quality of the service be as good as in person purchases? Or could the quality be maybe even better in some cases? Well, your experience of online ordering these postcards depends a lot on where you place your order. Some features make an online printing service a catch. These dreamy companies with their websites will promise a satisfactory purchase. But what makes a good experience for their customers?. Consider the company named Agent Print for the sake of bringing an example. We can then look for the same qualities on all the other websites. This method helps us reach a better understanding of the features we should look for in our chosen printing company.

Postcards and Their Role in the Real Estate Business

First, let us see what is the advantage of real estate postcards compared with other mediums of marketing. These cards can directly find their way to the mailbox of the possible prospects that we have on our minds. You can almost choose any layout for them. So, all the information you find interesting about a listing or event can show up on the postcards. Even if some prospects are not currently working with you, it is alright. They will know what you are up to just by receiving your mail once in a while. So, you will always be on their minds.

An Easy to Work with Website

Let us not get distracted. And go back to the features we need to check in a successful online printing service. The first thing that catches the eyes of the prospects once they receive your postcard is its design. In the same way, the first thing that attracts us to a website is its layout. A user-friendly website does go a long way in making the experience a good one. It is not all about the initial attraction.

But a well-designed website will make your ordering easier as well. Online shopping for any products must be more comfortable. The goal is to stay at home or our workplace and place our order in just a few minutes. If the process is not this easy, then why bother? A user-friendly website is easy to understand, and everything seems clear there. For example, on Agent Print, the items are sorted into some categories to find them in no time. You will not get confused on a user-friendly website. So, this is the first thing to look for in an online printing business.

What Options Will I Usually Have for Postcards?

The options will remain the same for online ordering these postcards. There should not be fewer offers, if not more. The truth is that; this way, you can see all the options right in front of you. You are in control of everything you want. This idea seems like a dream come true for those who know what they want. If some are not sure of the options, here is a short description of everything they need to know.

These pieces of information, for an understandable explanation, will be based on the Agent Print website. But the same options must come on any other professional website. The first thing you need to know before ordering is the size of these postcards. You can decide on this based on how much information you want on these cards. Or maybe you prefer the most standard size of 4 x 6. Other sizes on the website are common offers for postcards, too. So, feel free to go for them. Then, you need to know whether you want the real estate postcards to be vertical or horizontal based on your design and the idea you have in your mind. The material is 14 pt paper which seems like the best thickness for this purpose. This postcard will be hard enough to bear possible scratches and bending.

Can Postcards Come with a Coating?

The purpose of the coating is to give the paper material an extra layer of protection. UV coating will make the paper less prone to scratches and humidity. These cards will not easily bend and will get to the hands of their receivers safe and sound. So the recommendation is to have this extra protective layer on the front side of the postcards. But if you prefer it on both sides, some websites will allow you to do this. Therefore, check for all the options before finalizing your order if you want it on both sides.

How May I Place My Order?

The process gets more simple if the website has a clear-cut layout. For Agent Print and many more professional websites, ordering seems very easy. First, you would need to find the item you need. You can find them either by searching them in the search box or looking through all the products. If the website offers categories for different items, then this search will get easier. This specific item should come under the marketing category. Then, you should see a list of all the possible options the website offers. Usually, it is on the right end side of each product page. There, you can check all the options you are after, like one or two-sided UV coating or the quantity of your order. The final cost will come up, and there you can complete your purchase in no time.

The Turnaround Timing

The faster the turnaround timing, the better for the business. Time is money in the real estate business. Realtors and agents usually are after the fastest way to inform everyone of their latest listing. So, a less than a week turnaround timing will turn the pages. Especially for more professional printing companies, they offer 2 to 5 workdays turnaround timing. This timing is another thing to check before finalizing an order on any website. Also, check if they have an online calendar view. This choice will give you an option on when to receive your order. This advantage will come in handy for the spot delivery of these printed postcards for special events.

Is There a Way to Get My Designs from Here, too?

Most websites that have been long active in this business should allow this feature. If you have a ready design, you can upload it. But if you do not, there are two ways for you. You could use the online tools some websites will offer. There you can design it yourself. Or you could hire a professional designer through the website. The designer will include everything you want in the design for you without changing the turnaround timing.

How Can I Trust Any Online Services?

The answer seems easy enough. Ask the previous customers. If you do not know any, then check their websites for the customers' list. On Agent Print, the category of Shop by Company will show a list of all their customers, such as Sutton, Remax, and Zoocasa. Check out this list on websites, and if the names are credible enough, it says a lot about the company you have on your mind, as well.

List of Features to Look for in Online Postcards Printing Companies:

  • User-friendly website
  • Good quality offers
  • Fast turnaround timing
  • Different coating options
  • Easy designing process
  • Credibility
  • product review

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