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Where to Buy the Best Door Hangers Online in Canada?

by shirin habibzadeh 5 months ago in product review
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Are you looking for a printing supplier to buy real estate door hangers in Canada? This story is for you.

Real Estate Door Hangers

Real estate door hangers bring you closer to many possible homeowners and prospects. Precisely, for those who work in the real estate business, door hangers are one of the easiest ways for marketing. By distributing them, you give your contact information to the people of a neighborhood. But what printing companies can we trust with supplying our printed door hangers? There are many online printing services active today. The world is getting more online, and so are competitive businesses. But is there a way to tell if a printing company is credible? To find a list of features that make a printing business ideal for printing door hangers, we can detect some signs first. Agent Print prints real estate printed products like door hangers. Maybe if we can see the quality and features they offer, we can create a more inclusive checklist.

Get Your Business One Step Closer to Possible Clients

Door hangers have a standard and default size on most real estate printing websites. The cardstock used for printing these marketing tools must be resistant to moisture and sun damage. Since we place these products outdoors, they should be less prone to damages caused by weather conditions. So, they need to have good quality material.

What Materials Are Best for Door Hangers?

To know the best materials, take a look at what printing experts offer on their websites. The best material that most professional printing services use is the 14 pt gloss paper. The paper is thick enough to use for most products that need a firm stock, like business cards and door hangers. The gloss finish will keep the door hangers shiny and glary. Also, the colors will look more lively and vibrant, as well. The finish makes the paper less prone to dirt and fingerprints. The quality of the final products depends a lot on the material these printing suppliers use in the first place. So, be sure to look for the same material in any chosen printing supplier you have on your mind.

Is Shopping Online for Printing Supplies Better?

If you are placing your order on a professional and organized company, the answer is yes. So, especially for the first online purchasing of these products, go for a well-known online service. For example, Agent Print has a user-friendly website. As long as the websites of these online services have a clear layout, the purchase will be simple, too. All the information of each product must be on its page, and the options must be easily changeable before ordering. A simple interface will show you a list of all the items of a company in one place.

How Can I Order?

The process of ordering is the same on most websites. First things first, you need to find the product you want. For example, on Agent Print, there are multiple ways to search for an item. The first way is to look it up under the products and marketing category. The other way is most useful for the regular customers. There is a list of all of them and the products they order. And the last way remains to be using the search box. This option is available on most websites. You can type the item you want and see the results come up in seconds. Then, you need to specify your order by choosing from the options. There should be a list opening for each product on the right side of most online services. There you can decide on the quantity of these door hangers and the UV coating. The final step is to confirm your purchase and check out.

What Is UV Coating?

UV coating is an extra layer of material applied on the surface of papers. This extra layer will give the regular paper material some advantages. After coating, the paper material will be shinier and brighter. The printed colors and writings will appear better, as well. The paper itself will have enhanced qualities against moisture, dirt, and fingerprints. Finally, this treatment is beneficial for the material we use in marketing tools such as door hangers. The two-sided coating, in this case, seems like the better option. But if you want to, you may be able to order your door hangers without UV coating. Check out the website before placing your order to see all the available offers.

The Turnaround Timing

The turnaround timing depends a lot on where you are getting your door hangers supplies. Most professional businesses promise a 3 to 5 workday turnaround timing for production. The delivery part may take longer, too. So, be sure to pre-order your printing supplies to get them always on time. Still, if a website is not suggesting a timetable, forget about it. Go for companies that offer sincere turnaround timings. Also, check out the options. There may be a calendar view available. Using this calendar, you can plan for your projects.

Is there a way to know if we can trust an online printing service?

The solution is similar to most other realtors. Ask their clients. See what they think of the services that the real estate printing company is offering. What if we know none of their customers? Then look at their website. Usually, if there is a specific or well-known company, the printing company will mention their names somewhere on the website. On Agent Print, as an example, there is a list of all of their regular customers. The list is supposed to help their clients to find their usual orders. But we can check it out, too. Here we can see the names of more than 20 credible companies active in the real estate business, such as Sutton and Remax. The names of these companies will add to the credibility of their chosen real estate printing supplier, too.

What if I Do Not Have a Design Ready?

Most websites allow you to upload your ready design. But there are other ways for those who do not have one yet. One of the ways is to use the tools the website offers. Using these tools, one can create a design on their own in no time. But if you want a more professional design, then hire a designer. They will add all the information you want, and create one for you.

What to look for in an online printing company?

- High quality offers

- Designing options

- User-friendly website

- Reasonable turnaround timing

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