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Top 5 Plumbing Myths Dispelled

by Alina 7 months ago in list
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Truth or not?

Myth#1. Wall-Mounted Toilets are Inefficient

Many people think that the toilet is very fragile, and therefore it is necessary to be careful not to collapse, especially if you weigh over 100 kg. But this is not so. Structures of this type are made of different materials hence have varying strengths. The highest quality can sustain an individual who weighs above 400 kg. Its stable supports inserted into the wall and enclosed with a unique panel will give comfort as it spreads out a person’s weight.

Myth#2. You Can’t Dispose of Toilet Paper in the Toilet Bowl

It’s past time to dispel this misunderstanding. In a couple of minutes, the existing toilet paper is saturated with water. It becomes wet and is silently flushed down the sewage drain. As a result, such paper dissolves entirely in water, separating non-essential elements that are readily filtered out. The size of the disposed tissue paper does not matter. What might vary is the time it takes before saturation sets in.

Myth#3. Plumbers Are Far Too Costly. I’ll Do It Myself

Consider the following scenario: you have a blockage in your toilet and have opted to deal with it personally using chemicals. Although the substances served to unclog the jam, they were also destroying your pipes due to corrosion. If you contrast the cost of replacing your pipes to hiring a plumber, you will notice that the latter option is more affordable. The replacement will mean that you will have to factor in the cost of purchasing the pipes and having a plumber fix everything. Perhaps you have changed your opinion and would like to know how much a plumber charges per hour?

Myth#4. Your Water Heater Is About to Explode if It Makes Loud Noises

Your water heater, believe it or not, has the potential to explode. The temperature and pressure valve must function flawlessly to avoid this danger. During routine maintenance, a professional will ensure that everything is in good condition.

Nevertheless, loud noises emanating from your water heater may not always indicate that an explosion is imminent. The silt from hard water that builds up within the tank is usually the source of these sounds. Maintenance and sediment discharge can help keep the accumulation to a minimal level, extending the water heater’s life and preventing unusual noises and probable breakdowns.

Failure to discharge the sediments might result in a leak as a result of the tank’s weakening. It could also destroy the electrical heating component.

Myth#5. Plungers Are Effective for a Blockage; This Is the Best Option

If you have a clogged drain, you might be tempted to try and force it out yourself. Plunging forward without knowing the exact reason for the blockage will almost certainly push the clog further away, making it more difficult to remove, hence, making the situation worse. To remove the obstruction, use your hands or a clip. However, if everything else fails, schedule a drain examination. When the plumber arrives, they will likely use a snake to remove the obstruction. A snake is an auger-like tool that’s inserted into the drainpipe. It digs around until it finds and removes the clog.

Do not Believe These Plumbing Myths!

If you detect a water leak, a clogged drain, or any other plumbing problem in your home or business, don’t try to fix it on your own. Contact a professional plumber. They can handle any plumbing issues you have and give you advice on preventing future problems from happening. Please note that plumbers do not charge for both the consultation and receiving a quote on the repair cost.


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