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That Damn Smoke Detector!

Smoke detectors are there to protect people, but they also go off for no reason!!

By Carol TownendPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
That Damn Smoke Detector!
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Before I start to write, let me make it clear that it is ALWAYS a good idea to have a smoke detector in your house. In fact, I wouldn't be alive if my smoke detector hadn't been fitted, because it saved my life.

I have always loved having a smoke detector in my home because they are lifesavers, in fact, I can't live without one, because someone I loved many years ago died in a fire, while I got out alive. I have to live with that pain and guilt for the rest of my life, so please make sure you have one in your home. Here is some humour about smoke detectors which make them fun to have in your home.

1 Drat that Steam!!

Jumping in the bath is not just for cleaning, it is also meant to be relaxation time, however, even with the door shut, it seems my smoke detector thinks that steam is smoke! So, there you are, quietly meditating in the tranquility of a beautiful bubble bath with your eyes closed, enjoying the moment; when suddenly you hear this massive 'Schreeech!' from somewhere outside of the bathroom. What do you do? Much to everyone's horror, you are running naked across the landing screaming 'fire!' at the top of your voice, without realizing that you have somehow scared everybody with your oh so lovely nakedness! only to realize there is no fire the smoke detector decided it was attracted to your steam!

2. Kitchen Antics

Yes, I agree, it happened to me too! I decided to do some baking therapy in the kitchen, happily mixing, rolling, and cutting then popping my lovely masters of art in the cooker. Suddenly my kitchen becomes warm and here we go with the 'screeeeech!' yet again! I'm sat in the lounge reading a magazine one minute, and franticly searching for a fire the next; only to discover my wonderful smoke alarm loves the smell of my baking!

3. Hide the vape!

My smoke detector really hates vaping. I'm sat on my doorstep taking in the beautiful (or not so beautiful!) weather, enjoying my wonderful vape. I'm completely baffled by how I set my smoke detector off, without being within of an inch of really!!

4. Did Somebody call the 'Ghostbusters?'

So, it's the middle of the night, and we are all tucked up in a very deep and peaceful slumber after seven nights of insomnia caused by vocal who has this habit of keeping me up reading and writing all night! To my biggest delight, my smoke detecter decides to randomly play a tune for no reason while I am sleeping! Ghostbusters or protection? At least I know it works!

4. Foamy Stuff!

Washing up! I love it sometimes and hate it the next. However, I think my smoke detector likes to play with the fancy bubbles and steam them up for the fun of it! or it just loves clean, especially as it always seems to go off when I'm doing the 'fairy dance' at the kitchen sink.

5. 'Good Vibrations!'

People tend not to walk upstairs, they tend to do these really big 'stomps! ' and my smoke detector seems to think our feet are on fire! oh! and I do love those wonderful thunder and lightning storms that set the smoke detector off all night!

6. 'I swear I Never did It!'

Those moments when your expecting romance in the bedroom, and your smoke alarm decides it's 'Jack Baur' from 24. Believe me when your smoke detector says 'I'm watching you!' it really is. I've spent many a night in a bedroom with a smoke detector where our romantic antics have set the alarm off!!

As I said earlier, a smoke detector can and does save lives. They are annoying and they can behave in funny ways, but don't hesitate to get one. As I learned, they can be your best friend, and although a person I loved died in that fire, she'd be glad that I didn't die.

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