Simple Life Hacks to Make You Healthier

Believe it or not, there are life hacks to make you healthier, and here are a handful of them!

Simple Life Hacks to Make You Healthier

There are little things in life that we constantly do that are harming our health. There are things that we don't realize that are harming our bodies. And most of us don't notice until it effects us in the aftermath.

However, there are ways to conquer your bad habits and turning them into healthier habits. Switch smoking to chewing gum or swap chips with fruits. We can all make healthier choices in the easiest ways possible. To get into a healthier lifestyle, follow these simple life hacks to make you healthier. You'll notice a big difference after a few weeks!

Drink a glass of lemon water every morning and eight glasses of water a day.

For one of the best life hacks to make you healthier, lemon water helps flush the digestive system and detox the body. So, drinking lemon water every morning is a great way to start the day hydrated, with a clean system. Also, adding lemon to water gives water flavor, so it won't be as boring as drinking regular, flavorless water.

hroughout the day, try to get your eight glasses of water in. I know, it's tough and a hassle, but constantly doing this will surely benefit your health. Water gets rid of the toxins in your body, improves skin, and always keeps you hydrated, which we always should be.

Take deep breaths every now and then.

We don't realize this, but many of us don't actually focus on our breathing. Even during work or school, we pay attention to our assignments more than our breathing, leaving us either short of breath or having uneven breathing patterns. I know it sounds crazy, but pay attention to your breathing rhythm. Personally, whenever I write, I stop breathing until I've finished typing a sentence. Insane, yes.

Instead, take deep breaths every now and then. Not only will it improve your health, but it takes away stress. Deep breathing basically sends a message to your brain and tells you to relax. So, doing this often will relieve the majority of your stress and calm you down.

Pack healthy snacks for work/school.

Many of us pack unhealthy snacks without realizing. From muffins to chips and sugary foods, packing the same junk foods every day will soon take a toll on our bodies. As a way to stay healthy and even lose a couple of pounds, pack healthy snacks such as fruits, nuts, and granola bars. These are great food hacks for a healthier you!

Eating junk food at work or school will usually leave us feeling sluggish. But eating an apple or any other healthy snack will boost energy and get you going through the work day with positive energy, which is one of the simplest life hacks to make you healthier.

Chew gum to avoid nicotine cravings and help control your appetite.

This is a major one among life hacks to make you healthier. We all know that nicotine is horrible for your body. Those who smoke know it's not the best for their health, but they cannot control their cravings. I know it's very, very tough to cut back on cigarettes, but a good starting method is chewing gum.

Gum is a great way to stop thinking about the nicotine cravings and constantly chewing when you're starting to feel the cravings kick in can possibly hold you back. As a way to start this process, consider gum!

As a plus, chewing gum can help you avoid constant snacking. It's an amazing way to lose weight and help you avoid constantly eating.

Take baths often.

Want to relax? Showers are great, but have you ever taken a bath? If you have a bathtub that you haven't touched in a few months... or never, then make that bathtub useful! Nothing is more relaxing after a long day at school or work than taking a nice, long, hot bath to calm the nerves and refresh your skin and body.

To be extra, get yourself some amazing scented bath bombs, bath salts, or light some candles to pump up your bath game. A lot of these bath accessories help nourish the skin, relaxes you, and they all smell delicious.

Take a bath every other day or twice a week, and soon you'll never go a week without taking at least one bath! This is just one of the more simple life hacks to make you healthier.

Do 30 minute exercises at home.

Most us of absolutely dread going to the gym. And nothing is worse than forcing yourself to go right after school or work, because we're already exhausted as it is. But now you don't have to drag yourself to go to the gym or even pay for a membership, because you can stay in shape right at home.

For one of the best easy life hacks to make you healthier, just 30 minutes of exercising is a great way to tone up your body. Simple floor mat exercises such as push-ups, crunches, sit-ups, planks, etc. can keep our bodies feeling healthier and stronger.

And you can do all of these right at home! No need to drive to the gym for these machine-less exercises.

Do morning stretches.

Did you know that doing morning stretches is one of the more simple life hacks to make you healthier? Every morning, make it a habit to stretch out your arms, legs, and back. If you run out the house without giving your body a good stretch, it'll affect you in the early hours of work or school.

This is also a great alternative to wake you up. Wake up your limbs by stretching them out, and you will feel more energetic in the morning.


We all know we should floss daily, but do all of us actually do it? Some of us floss once or twice a week, while others haven't flossed in months! Flossing is super important to our oral health, because it avoids plaque, gingivitis, bleeding gums, and other infections. Also, it makes your teeth stronger and healthier, because it removes all food residue from between the teeth.

Create the time to floss in your night routine. Either use a string floss or a stick floss, you'll see a massive difference in your teeth after flossing daily. You can even floss while doing something else, like watching TV or browsing social media.

Drink daily herbal teas.

Drink tea! Many people choose coffee over tea in the mornings and that's fine; but sometime during the day and even at night, consider tea. Tea detoxes the body and fills your body with great vitamins and minerals that we need. Either pure green tea, chamomile, or mint, tea can soothe the body. So, drinking this at night helps you calm down after a long day.

Also, if you have trouble sleeping, drinking chamomile can surely help with that. Just one cup of chamomile tea before bed relaxes the nerves and gets you right into a slumber.

Avoid escalators or elevators and take the stairs.

Lastly on great life hacks to make you healthier is taking the stairs. You can sneak in a workout by taking the stairs anywhere you go. Rather than relying on the elevator or escalator to bring you up floors, the stairs can help you exercise the body and energize your body.

Take the stairs at school or climb up three floors to get to the office. Not only can this improve your muscles, but your body will get used to it and you'll always feel great afterward, because you're burning calories. It's one of the best exercises for weight loss.

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