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Master your Craft

Knowing your worth

By John ColePublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Master your Craft
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We all have things we enjoy doing, this may not be the work we do from 9 to 5 each day. It might be building things out of wood, upcycling old furniture, writing, painting, organising adventure trips for young people, it might even be spending time the elderly, it could even be public speaking.

We can be good at a lot of things, but maybe from the list above you’ll be thinking that you enjoy more then one of these and may consider yourself good at multi things. You probably are, but what is that one thing you are best at. If all else failed, what is the one thing that could get you out of bed every morning regardless? Like a dog can only have one master, we can only be the master of 1 craft, it’s this one thing that’s known as your craft.

When we focus on too many passions, dreams and hobbies we make mistakes, and we miss things. By keeping focus on one thing, we become good and it’s this one craft and how you will be viewed upon.

This is where some of the big chain stores make the mistake, because their head office can incorporate many people with a variation of talents they then try and put so much out for the customer that its confusing.

So, it’s always good when considering starting your own business to focus on one type of product and become the best at producing that product. Now I don’t mean you just make one product and nothing else. There is usually a variety of products that can be made, I have a cousin who recently started making resin bookmarks and keyrings. These sold so well she now makes anything from jewellery to coffee trays. But they are all resin based, they all have the same floral theme.

If you want to get paid for your craft then start it as a side hustle, keep practising it even when you don’t feel like. People can see when you are focused on your craft, they know when you are putting the work in.

Sometimes the craft you become the master of is something your find by accident. Some people have their craft by experimenting when they were unemployed or on low income. Having a craft, you become the master of doesn’t mean you can’t be good at many things, it just means you need specialize in something. If nothing else, it will fill your time and give you some sort of fulfilment internally.

I think that as much as this pandemic has got a lot of people down, the lock downs have provided perfect opportunities to find our craft ad work on it. sometimes though its not easy to find what we are good at, or what our craft is.

If this is the case for you then try looking at around you, what does the world need. It doesn’t have to be international; it could just be your small world in your town or village. Then from that list pick a problem, any problem and decide what you can do to help solve it, then out of those skills decide which would get you out of bed every morning, even if you weren’t being paid to do it. that is a starting point to find your craft.

So, find your craft, become the Master of It. You may end up selling or turning it into a business or it may just stay as a hobby. Just have a craft, be the Master of It, its fulfilling both internally and in terms of spare time. Whatever your craft, be the Master of It.


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John Cole

John is a creator and writer, who is currently working on a project to support theatre in the future. More info at

Here he posts articles on his life experiences in the hope of helping others understand life's journey.

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