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Instagram promotion: the main do’s and don'ts.

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By Elizabet SunPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Right now thousands of people are trying to promote their pages on Instagram but the algorithms aren’t making it easier – day by day Instagram makes bloggers lives harder and puts forward new guidelines that make online development harder. We’ve gone very far from mass following and mass liking and right now there are a whole bunch of new methods to make your content visible and known. What are those tools and how a chance to buy Instagram followers can help you with online development?

So if we talk about Insta promotion, what are the main don'ts right now? Maybe you have already heard of that, but we want to tell you one more time: using bots to promote your content is not the best decision to make, because IG techs are keeping an eye on the profiles that do so. To make your followers count look solid you have to recruit the real accounts and to make them follow you. But how? You have to find a place where you will be able to buy real followers that will convince your audience that your success is honest and authentic.

And that’s not it: if you have lots of followers and almost zero likes and comments, your Instagram account will be indicated as an untrustworthy one and its content won’t be shown in the feed if your real followers. To prevent this situation you have to pay lots of attention to what you’re doing and where you’re buying from – check the reviews from the previous buyers, speak to managers, check the side resources where people usually leave their comments on the services they’ve got. And if everything seems okay and it looks like you’re really going to get all the real followers you need, you can proceed to buying them for your account.

However, the reviews can be fake and the followers can be fake as well even if their profiles look real from the first sight. There also can be a situation when you buy followers that seem to be real and then you can lose them because the company just can't get ahold of the bots that they’ve been exploiting to reach certain results – and these ups and downs in your Instagram statistics won’t do you any good in general. Make sure that the services that you are going to buy are stable and that these can actually make your inner statistics look good for Instagram algorithms and for Instagram techs as well.

Where do you buy high quality followers that will stay on your account permanently?

If you don’t have any time for research and you want to get great results here and now, we can recommend you working with Soclikes – we are the company that provided thousands of people all around the world with quality services and other stuff and we keep on doing that daily, leaving all of our customers completely satisfied with delivered promo options. We’ve been trying to form several principles of how we should work with our clients to widen our regular customers base and here are several ones of them:

  • Firstly, we provide our patrons with constant technical support. There is no doubt that sometimes even while delivering the topnotch services some problems can arise and our managers have to be there to fix them as soon as possible. We try to prevent any inconveniences and we always try to tell our clients about all the terms beforehand, but sometimes things slip a little bit and we have to be there to make everything go as smooth as possible. That’s why our managers are active in chat online almost 24/7 and are ready to answer your emails that you can send to support address at any time of day and night. The orders themselves are also processed quite quickly so you don’t have to wait long for your order’s delivery: moreover, we try to deliver all the followers asap, so your content would get maximum support in the shortest time span.
  • We have created social media pages and chats in messengers to make our clients aware of all the newest offers that we put forward — you should definitely join in if you’re interested in buying from us regularly; moreover, there you’ll be able to get some special discounts from time to time. We’re offering some packs with almost 70% off their original price — that’s nonsense to many other companies, but we cannot resist in giving our clients a chance for effective and affordable promotion.

Here you have a short summary of things that you should know before buying your first package of followers for Insta — we hope that now this process doesn’t seem too hard and too tangled to you. Our workers are always here for you in chat on, so if you have any questions left, you can always ask them for help and close all the misunderstandings and inconveniences you have. We’re waiting for your orders daily and nightly, as well as we’re waiting for your questions and offers — contact us in chat or using our email in the “contacts” section.

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