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How You Can Avoid Airport Junk Food, Stay Keto, And Fend Off Gut Pain When Traveling By Plane

The so-called “unsustainable” Keto-Carnivore diet is easy to manage and maintain, even when traveling on a long-haul flight with transits.

By Rob Hourmont Published 4 months ago 5 min read
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The anti-keto-carnivore brigade, who in truth understand absolutely nothing about the diet, which is, in fact, a lifestyle, won’t like this “how to travel on keto” story much.

The purpose of this article is to, once again, point out how simple it is to remain on the healthiest diet for humans for life, despite all the millions of nasty junk food temptations staring you in the face every day and even when traveling by air.

The classic keto or carnivore “naysayers” are similar to haters.

No matter what you say, how often you’ve proven your success with photos, videos, a track record of 8 years, and multiple client reviews, they keep saying no, it’s not sustainable.

On top of that, they then love to claim my evidence is only “anecdotal,” based on myself, and it doesn’t count as scientific proof.

Wrong again — the opposite is true.

Time-tested experimentation and experience with myself and hundreds of other folks I worked with results in 100% scientific evidence.

Sometimes I wonder if these carb and sugar addicts have lost their minds or lack intelligence.

The problem is that it could well be both.

Sugar screws with your brain and is known to make you lose grip of your mind and reality — similar to hard drugs.

After all, sugar is an addictive drug, not a food, as it’s been classified.

Here’s how I stay in 100% ketosis when traveling for 36 hours across continents, with long stopovers by airplane

I only travel light with carry-on bags, even if I’m going on a 4-week international trip to another continent.

Why pack a gigantic suitcase or shlep half your wardrobe with you?

Maybe you haven’t heard, but they also have laundry shops and clothes washing machines in other countries, not just the USA and Europe!

Yep, washing machines are a global hit — they are everywhere.

Therefore, I only pack a small duffel bag with my favorite clothes and wash them when I need to.

Airlines allow 2 carry-on bags under a specific size and weight of around 10 lbs.

So, I bring my duffel bag of clothes, my computer bag with charges, a power bank, and plenty of cables, which also makes the bag pretty much full.

Where do I put my food, then?

Here’s the trick most folks don’t know:

You can have a 3rd bag containing only precooked and ready-to-eat foods.

Just like a separate medical bag is necessary and allowed, food is too. Why?

I’ve said it 1000 times, and I’ll say it again:

Real food is your medicine – that’s why. You’re therefore bringing your dietary requirements on board, which is what you live on.

That’s the key:

Airlines are not allowed to prevent you from bringing your food on the trip, as it qualifies as a prescribed and vital medical kit sick people may travel with.

I pre-make the foods, package them in aluminum foil or paper, and place them neatly in a durable small cotton or cooler bag.

My precooked keto food list:

• 10 boiled eggs (keep them in the shell for freshness)

• 2 packs of fried organic bacon

• 5 bags of sugar-free organic beef jerky

• Coconut oil to sip (must be under 125 ml)

• Sharp cheddar cheese

• Almonds, pistachios, and cashews

How about drinks?

As you know, you’re not allowed to bring any liquid in containers bigger than 125 ml. Unfortunately, that makes it impossible to bring your water flask from home to avoid airplane plastic bottles and reduce waste.

But I’ve got another bunny to pull from my magic hat.

Coconuts! Yep, you heard right.

You can bring coconuts through security and enjoy coconut water in the air.

Coconuts are, of course, closed and classified as fruit and keto-friendly!

And voila, there you have it!

There you have your keto food travel bag that will easily see you through a 24 to 36-hour long-haul air travel journey.

There’s no need to starve yourself or fast for the whole trip, which isn’t a problem either if you’re a fat-burning beast like me.

However, it’s a pleasure to enjoy these healthy keto snacks along the way and funny to watch others stare at you in bewilderment when you lay out your healthy foods and drink coconuts!

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Final Thoughts

A message to the dear naysayers, calling the keto diet unsustainable for the long term:

“Gotcha” — again. Game over!

That’s your free:

“Easy Keto-Carnivore Travel Food and Survival Guide!”

Next, I’ll explain how to stay active and flexible when traveling long distances.

Besides eating crappy junk food throughout the whole trip, the next biggest mistake most people make is not to move.

Staying idle and sitting in uncomfortable airplane seats for hours on end stiffens your joints, gives you back aches, and weakens your muscles.

That’s why it’s vital to keep moving during your flights.

I’ll soon write a new E-Book about these critical subjects. Stay tuned!


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