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How to Spot a Liar

Save yourself from toxic people.

By MirianPublished 4 years ago 2 min read

1.The Bad Liar

The easiest liar to spot is the bad liar. You might even think this is a joke but it's not. I assure you there is people who lie here and there and those are the bad liars. They tend to fidget around a personal question. Or if they are being interrogated and attacked. But how do you know if they are uncomfortable? Well for starters, their body language. If they are sitting in a chair and if they are leaning in to give you answers, most likely they are telling the truth. A bad liar can get away with " I went to the gym and sweat like a pig". In reality they binge-watched movies all day in their room and probably only got up just to pee or to answer the door because they ordered food. A bad liar usually will feel insecure about their truth and wish they had a better life, but the good thing about bad liars is that the truth will always come out either by them or by another person. Bad liars will ask for forgiveness and they are good at it, but this time they're not lying about it. Bad liars will know their wrongs and will feel bad about it. They are harmless.

2. The Good Liar

A good liar will most likely have a lot of friends and will be seen in a lot of social gatherings because they want to be included in everything. The good liar can get jealous and will always think they are right. Yes they will choose sides but at the end of the day, they are competing with everybody else. Its really hard to actually spot a good liar because they are usually very nice. Good liars will most likely be the ones to sleep with their bestfriends partners. Why? Because they are very insecure about themselves and do not care if they hurt their "friend". Remember it's them against the world. And they won't be knocking on their friends door for forgiveness. They don't feel guilty. Good liars tend to copy little things their friends wear or say to act like them. Also if you don't spot the good liar dining in by their selves, its because you won't. They hate the thought of being seen alone. Why? Because its their job to make you believe they are somewhere else having fun.

3. The Compulsive Liar

The compulsive liar will most likely have some sort of addiction to alcohol, drug, any fetish and if they have money problems. These liars are very toxic. You can spot them if they ask you for personal help. Most likely they will ask you for money. Compulsive liars don't ask you just once if they need help. They will make sure you feel sorry for them, and after that they will ask again until you say yes. They lie to fulfill their addiction or pleasures. Yes, these liars can be cheaters too. Compulsive liars are the most selfish of all the three liars. They are to the extreme as in, they can pour out their feelings kind of like a tantrum just to act like they're in desperate need. In need of their addiction is what they're fooling you with. There are rare cases of compulsive liars who are wealthy and just begs for a specific persons attention. If you don't see this one asking for other peoples help, they are literally sucking the life out of you.

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