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How Taking This Challenge Helped Drop 4 Dress Sizes & Reclaim My Life And My Marriage

20 Years of Marriage Were Perfect Except For One Small Thing...

By CHIRAG NANAVATIPublished 5 months ago 5 min read
How Taking This Challenge Helped


My name is Sarah, aged 50 and a mother to two teenagers. Having been married for 20 years, with a committed, loving husband and two growing teenagers, life was almost perfect except for one small thing.

The kids were fast growing up and needed their own space as most teenagers do. Life was slowly changing. My husband had started withdrawing from me and I was feeling alienated, particularly on weekends. Things were different in the past.

Earlier, weekends were really rejuvenating and intimate. Lazing around in bed, enjoying a hot shower or body massage together, a cosy movie date on the living room sofa, or a candlelight dinner, there was no dearth of intimacy with innovative ideas.

As time passed, my husband started spending more time with his work rather than me and the kids. It was perhaps because of the growing responsibilities that he had with the kids. Visits to the doctor became frequent due to health issues like Arthritis and rising blood pressure levels. My knees were getting weaker with each passing day. The reason for the same? The reading of 225 lbs on the scale!

I felt more and more uncomfortable with restricted mobility and low energy levels. Even the kids had started withdrawing from me and I started having constant mood swings and arguments. The bed once used to intimate snuggles, now started getting used to us sleeping on separate sides of the bed.

Speaking to one of my close friends with weight loss issues in the past, recommended a diet plan that had given results in under 28 days and could work for me too, as it could be customized as per my requirements.

This 28-day challenge transformed my life for the better.

The body derives its energy requirements from food. The body actively burns calories from the sugar and its constituents present in the food. The body converts the excess sugar levels in the body to fat. Weight loss comprises of nothing but the excess fat levels in the body.

I hated dieting for the simple reason that I would have to sacrifice my favourite foods for the ones that I did not like. It was for this reason that in the past, I would start a diet plan, and would soon drop out of the same as I would start missing my favourite foods.

In this case, the recommended diet plan could be customized as per my requirements. The best thing that I liked about the diet was that I would not have to sacrifice my favourite foods in favour of the foods that I did not like.

This time around, however, I could continue to have the foods that I liked, though limited in quantity, along with new foods that would not only make my meals healthy and tasty. Therefore, the diet could be incorporated as part of a healthy lifestyle for anyone over a long period of time.

Week # 1:

The first week was tough, as the body’s system took time to get accustomed to the new foods. Due to the effects of detoxification, I felt thirst pangs and had to increase my intake of water. This was one thing that I had never experienced in any of the other diet plans in the past. The final result? The scale cracked down by 3 lbs!

Week # 2:

The second week made me feel more energetic and motivated me to carry on my daily activities more enthusiastically and my mood swings also started reducing. The body had started accepting the changes and had started reacting more positively. The scale dropped another 5 lbs without me having to do any additional work except moderate exercise for 30-45 minutes during the day.

This 28-day challenge transformed my life for the better.

Week # 3:

The body slowly started showing physical effects of the change in body fat. The wedding ring that I had been wearing for all these years had started becoming loose as the fat on my hands and my fingers had started reducing. I could feel the same on my hands also as the bracelet that I had been wearing had started loosening.

The dark eye circles had started disappearing and I was able to easily get into one of my favourite tops that earlier felt tight from the sides. With small changes in my meal plans and adding moderate exercise to my lifestyle, ran the scale down by 10 lbs over 3 weeks!

Week # 4:

I was getting more and more excited as my anniversary was fast approaching and I wanted to surprise my husband by getting into the lingerie that he had presented to me on the first night of our wedding! Over time, it had found its way to the bottom of the pile in the wardrobe.

Week # 5:

I had really started enjoying my new lifestyle and was more and more enthusiastic about the same. The reading on the scale had dropped by over 35 lbs and I was able to get back into my favourite pair of skinny jeans that had found the bottom of the pile in the wardrobe.

Week # 6:

On my anniversary, luckily, it was the weekend and had already planned to send the kids to grandpa’s. When my husband woke up, he was really surprised to see me in front of him in the lingerie that he had gifted me 20 years back!

He took me in his arms, hugged me, wished me a happy anniversary and jokingly suggested that we plan for our second honeymoon immediately!! Hearing this brought out tears of joy and I was at the top of the world!!

This 28-day challenge transformed my life for the better.

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