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DIY Backyard Games to Play

Want to bring creativity right into your backyard? Check out these brilliant DIY backyard games that will make everyone want to play!

By Jennifer VioletPublished 6 years ago 6 min read

Not many people know this, but the outdoors is in stock for a ton of exciting games to partake in. It allows you to appreciate nature more and express your creativity to its fullest! Plus, no one can stay cramped indoors for so long. And especially when the weather outside is gorgeous and just meant to be taken advantage of, there are so many outdoors games to try out. For the majority of them, you don't have to buy anything!

With the materials straight from home, you can create awesome DIY backyard games that will make kids want to play continuously. And even the adults will get a kick out of these games, too. Super simple to construct with endless amounts of fun, these are the greatest DIY backyard games you seriously should get into right now!

Lawn Scrabble

Scrabble in general is a really fun and competitive game to play with any age group. While you're attempting to form words with the letters that you have, it's easy to be lured right into the game. And the fact that Lawn Scrabble features massive letters makes the game an even better time!

What you'll need is fairly simple. Just grab a lot of pieces of cardboard, or any other lightweight material, and cut them into squares. Then, you can either print out the letters and stick them onto the pieces or draw on the letters yourself. There's also a limited amount of letters to include, which are mentioned in the instructions.

Lawn Twister

You can just tell the endless amount of activities that can take place on the lawn! And just like Lawn Scrabble, Lawn Twister is among the unique DIY backyard games you can do now. While this type of Twister follows the exact same rules as the original, you're simply playing it on the lawn!

You also don't need an immense amount of material to create this game. You can use yellow, red, blue, and green spray paint to coat circles on the lawn, wait for them to dry, and you're good to go! Get into twisted knots with family and friends while playing Lawn Twister.

Pastel Horseshoes

From the more vibrant DIY backyard games you can create on your own is the Pastel Horseshoes. Beautifully designed to make playing horseshoes a better experience, this backyard game follows the same rules as the original. You're just tossing horseshoes and trying to get them around the pole.

For this game, you're going to need to do a lot of painting! What you’ll need is painter's tape, pastel paint (or any other colors you prefer), self etching primer, mineral spirits, 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper, paint brush, and a small pole. Once you painted the horseshoes in the prettiest colors, you’re ready to play!

Giant Lawn Matching Game

From the greatest DIY backyard games to create is the Giant Lawn Matching Game. While kids in general can never get enough of matching games, this one will make them even more excited, simply because it's giant! And the lawn makes the perfect surface to play this game on.

What you'll need to create this DIY game is cork tiles, free printable stencils (included in the instructions), cardstock, X-Acto knife, painter’s tape, spray paint, paper (or drop cloth), and a pencil. You can print out the free stencils and use those to create the designs on the cards. Once you’ve put it all together, the kids won't stop playing!

Monster Beanbag Toss

You can be as creative as you want with this one! From the unique DIY backyard games ever, this Monster Beanbag Toss is ideal for outdoor birthday parties or just something for the kids to play with outside. While the beanbag boards feature monsters on them, you can put any design you want!

To make the really unique party idea, you’ll need cardboard, long pieces of wood for the outside and to hold up the board, scissors, paint, and the beanbags! You can paint any type of creature on the board, or even animals. The whole point is to toss beanbags into the monster’s mouth to gain points!

Rock Dominoes

Dominoes is one of the well-known and best games out there. Since so many people know how to play the classic game, this version is definitely way cooler than the original—Rock Dominoes! Following the same exact rules, players of the game are only using rocks! Perfect for the outdoors and making Dominoes a more special game, Rock Dominoes is great for kids and even adults.

The material is pretty minimal. You'll just need 28 stones and white paint. Use the white paint to draw on the dots and the lines on the rocks to resemble domino pieces. Very easy to make and exciting to play, you can always play Rock Dominoes on any outdoor area!

Gnome Lawn Bowling

Now this is both an adorable and thrilling game to play! Among the really creative DIY backyard games you can construct, Gnome Lawn Bowling is basically playing bowling with bottles painted like gnomes! This is also a great way to recycle all of the finished soda bottles. Plus, everyone would want to take a shot at playing this version of bowling.

While you can use the finish soda bottles laying around, you'll also need to paint the bottle to look like gnomes. And with which ever type of ball you choose to play with, you and the kids will constantly make great use out of this game! This game is also an easy DIY art project.

Outdoor Chalkboard

Bring the beauty of art right outside with Outdoor Chalkboard! Probably the most creative one out of this list. Your kids, and literally anyone who loves to draw, draws on a massive chalkboard hanging across the fence. Kids can use chalk to draw, color, and even play games on it like Hangman. It's the perfect canvas for kids to express their creativity all while taking advantage of it to play multiple games!

For this one, you'd have to get your hands on a long chalk board. Then, install the board on the fence, or anywhere you prefer, get colorful chalk, and draw away! The kids can both draw to their heart's content and appreciate the outdoors more. This is also a cool DIY backyard project that's easy to do!

The Human Bubble

From the awesome DIY backyard games you can easily make yourself is The Human Bubble! So many kids get excited over this, because they're literally in a bubble. Whether children can play with bubbles, or even place themselves in one massive bubble, it's a fun activity to play around with.

In order to recreate this, you need to use a small plastic pool, a hula hoop, and a ton of bubble soap! When you fill the small pool with bubble soap, place the hula hoop in the pool, have one person step inside of the hula hoop, and then lift it. A bubble should immediately form around the person, making it seem as though the person is inside of the bubble!

Outdoor Tic Tac Toe

Lastly, from the brilliant DIY backyard games to get right into is Outdoor Tic Tac Toe! Tic Tac Toe as a whole can literally be played anywhere. So why not bring the competitive game outdoors with a cooler version to it? Cooler version as in using rocks!

To create this unique version of Tic Tac Toe, you'll need to get 10 flat rocks, paper cutouts, decoupage, a paint brush, an old cutting board, painter’s tape, and sand paper. Once you've marked each rock and created four lines on the cutting board, you're all set to play!


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