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Best Skills to Learn in 2021: Rich Dad Poor Dad

Easy way to earn money in 2021

By Manjit Kishore VermaPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Rich Dad Poor Dad

I recommend almost everyone to read this book once in their life. This book will change your perspective as well as your financial intelligent too. The author of this book Robert T. Kiyosaki has said that “People are one skill away from wealth” he further discussed these in detail as well.

He quoted that Sales and Marketing are almost similar skills which people should learn for becoming a Wealthiest Person. A person can achieve anything if they can master this skill. But the question is why sales only? Well only you and you can answer this, just read the book once. I may sound like advertising Rich Dad Poor Dad but believe me, I’m not. I just want you to get maximum of knowledge about Personal Finance.

Let’s get deep into these skills and learn how it works.

Why Sales and nothing else?

Most people hate the art of selling because they think that why do I need to master an arts where I have to travel from door to door for selling anything. For those who have read this book already, you can relate this mentality with poor dad’s mental state. But believe me, Sales is an art which can make you money even if your good isn’t well enough.

During an interview between Robert and a young reporter as discussed at the beginning of chapter 6th. The young reporter was very good while writing content but she was not able to get her desired money. What do you think the actual reason would be?

The book further states that She had a desire to become the best-selling author but when she asked any tip from Robert to get into a publisher or become Robert told her to learn sales, but again the educated dad’s mentality emerged and she refused to it. Later Robert told her that I’m not the best-writing author but the best-selling author. He further said that I do not write well enough but it is the art of sales that helped me to become this famous.

I remember an example given in the book to explain how sales work in the market. So here it goes, How many of you can better Hamburgers than McDonald’s? The answer would be most of us can do it. But why you are not famous like McDonald's? Because you don’t know how to master the skill of Sales. Because you don’t know how to sell your good into the market even it’s not well enough. On the other hand, McDonald’s knows it very well.

How to learn Sales then?

Well, learning sales is not easy, and believe me, it’s surely not as easy as writing notes on the sheets. If you scare from rejection and you get afraid of losing your comfort zone. You won’t be able to get it. There is only a single way to learn it when you’ll leave your comfort zone.

This book has said that “Get a job where you will learn more than you earn”. This has a deep meaning inside. While elaborating this statement the author has told us that he also traveled from organization to organization for learning sales, marketing, and people’s management.

While you are learning these skills don’t rush for money in the beginning, get your desired learning first because these skills are not written on paper, you have to indulge yourself in them. Moreover, the author has also suggested that join a seminar, join classes upon marketing and sales, and many more. You’re in the 21st Century, the internet can play a major role here. Learn how it works.

If you’ll ask about what would be the outcome even if you invested time in learning these things. I will tell you that most of the companies are filled with employers who are making profits for the company and making their roots strong into the market. But those highly qualified employee doesn’t think about what are the alternative solution for money?

The more you’ll work hard the more government will take your money in form of taxes, but there are least taxes charged upon corporates than an employee. I will recommend you to get into business rather than going into corporates.

If you’re early in your career, join as many corporates as possible and make your learning-rich rather than making yourself. And start your own. millionaire


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