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Best Lesson of Your Life, Do not Miss

Awesome way to make money

By Manjit Kishore VermaPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Best Lesson of Your Life, Do not Miss
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I've got some best ideas for making urgent money for you, rather than looking for platforms, read the entire story and by the end of the article you'll able to make your wealth.

Dialogue between Father and his daughter Sona

Sona- Dad, I want to be rich. How can I make more money, so that I buy my favorite cricket bat.

Father- Well! For making money you have to Work hard, only hard work is the solution.

Sona- Then tell me where should I work to get instant money.

Father- I’ll teach you to make money, for that you have to follow my instructions. Are you ready for your first task?

Sona- Yes, I’m ready.

Father- You will work at my cafe for that I’ll give you 20 Rupees each week, Are you ready for work?

Sona- 20 Rupee? It’s very low.

Father- Say Yes or No!

Sona- Okay fine! I’ll work

After 3 weeks, frustrated Boy came to his father.

Sona- I’m frustrated with your pay, I need more money or else I’m quitting your job, you’re paying me very low.

Father- I understand your frustration, but this is the process of learning and you’ll learn a lot.

Sona- You told me that you’ll teach me some lesson about being rich. Rather than teaching you put me to work with this less pay. At least give me 500 rupees each week.

Father- You are acting similar to my other employee, They also demand a raise, But when I deny, they leave the job. I’ll give you a raise, there is no issue, but you won’t learn anything. Will that be okay?

Sona- But you haven’t taught me anything.

Father- Look! You’ll learn and you’re in the process of learning. I assure you that you’ll make a lot of money. Are you okay with the pay?

Sona- Okay (with frustration)

Father- Let’s have a twist not, from now onwards, You’ll work without any pay.

Sona- What? You mean free, Without any pay? (Surprisingly)

Father- Yes without any pay!

Sona- But

Father- Want to learn or not?

Sona- Okay fine!

After 2 weeks, Sona saw a from the café she was working in, a man was burning 100s of books.

Sona- Why are you destroying these books?

Man- These are my comics, I don’t need them at all, I failed my exams and These are the reason why I failed, I hate these books.

Sona- Can I get these books if you don’t mind?

Man- If you want it, You’ll have to take it right away from my house

Sona- Sure, I’m taking it right away.

Then, Sona and her friend Mona took all the books to Sona’s Garage.

Mona- What we will do with these books?

Sona- just wait and watch!

Sona used her garage as a mini library, with a banner saying COMICS FOR CHILDRENS ONLY FOR 20 RUPEE PER HOUR. Fortunately, within a week children started attracting towards her mini library.

Sona- Hey, Mona, How much money we earned?

Mona- If we deduct 200 Rupee as my salary, it would be about 2,000 Rupee.

Sona- That’s huge, we have earned about 2,200 Rupees in a month.

Sona to her father- I’ve earned enough money to buy my bat and thank you for teaching me the best lesson of my life.

Father- I’m very happy with your work, keep growing.

Sona- Though my father never gave me enough money while working but he taught me how to make money rather than working for it.

If you see an opportunity, you’ll keep looking for it for the rest of your life. One who do a job, never look for other options available. Make your money work for you rather than working for money.

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Manjit Kishore Verma

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