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Best Gift Ideas for Crafters

These are only the top notch gift ideas for crafters who love to do things themselves.

By Kelsey LangePublished 6 years ago 5 min read

You are bound to have at least one person in your life who loves to do DIY projects and some extreme crafting on the weekends. Don't worry about surfing Pinterest for hours; we've made the perfect list of all things crafters would love to unwrap.

These are the best gift ideas for crafters for this holiday season, or really any occasion. Who knows, this might even inspire you to get a little crafty with your artsy friend.

We'll start off the list for the somewhat lazy gift givers. A subscription gift is always one of the most practical gift ideas for crafters, and for any occasion. This subscription is specifically for the DIY crafter who is in need of extra supplies, and let's face it, when are they not?

The supplies in each box are a surprise every month for only $30. Plus, you get a snack and a mystery "great gift for crafters."

Some items have included wood signs, felt, fabric, jewelry, blocks, home decor, and apparel. Allow the creative people at Cratejoy to gift the special crafter, in your life instead of you stressing over which ribbons they would like.

Even if your crafter hasn't dabbled in sewing yet, they will love this thoughtful gift. It will show that you're thinking of their creativity, and gives them an opportunity to gain a new hobby. And if they're already into the sewing scene, even better.

Any type of sewing gift ideas for crafters will do, this one just has everything needed in one set. This kit comes with 22 crochet hooks, a leather bag, stich markers, and an aluminum section to prevent yarn splitting. Plus, it's more personalized than a sewing machine (and much less expensive.)

One of the most simple gift ideas for crafters is this Washi tape. But as soon as they unwrap this set, the opportunities will unfold.

Perfect for journals, planners, scrapbooking, art projects, calendars, and of course, crafting. It comes with 20 rolls of all different vibrant colors and patters of only the highest quality of tape. Crafters can be easier to please than you think!

This is one of the best options for gift ideas for crafters that want to transition from paper to the computer for their creative outsource. You would think that an electronic gift would have to be expensive, but this tablet is only $70 with complete artistic accessibility.

Your craft lover will be able to draw, paint, and sketch all in one place. Choose from either chalk, oil, watercolors, or the simple pen or pencil to use for the masterpiece. What's a better gift than another outlet for your crafty friend?

Another option for a gift that crafty people have either dabbled in, or considered, is a calligraphy starter kit. With calligraphy skills, crafters can amp up their quality; plus, it opens a whole new world of options.

As one of the best gift ideas for crafters, this set is perfect for those who are looking to perfect their art of the written word. Pen styles, angles, hand positions, spacing, lettering, and practice strokes are all included.

Another one of the most simple, yet thoughtful, gift ideas for crafters is this self-healing cutting mat. Chances are, they might already own a cutting mat. But just because it's self-healing, doesn't mean its self-cleaning.

A brand new mat makes for a brand new look for their workspace. Plus, it has handy grid markings for the most precise crafts. Protect your craft maker's tables with only the most durable mat from US Art Supply.

Get your crafty friend the ultimate origami educator. This kit includes a book, 16 projects, 62 origami papers, and a helpful DVD. Even the least experienced origami maker can become a pro with this simple set.

As one of the best gift ideas for crafters, they will be in awe by how little clean up these projects will take. Some of the simple projects include Crane's Egg, Petallunia Moon Flowers, Seahorse, "Kanji" the dog, Dollar Yacht, Ninja Jet, and many, many more.

At first glance at this item, you might not even be certain what it is. But to a crafter, this could be a holy grail. One of the most helpful gift ideas for crafters is an electric cutting machine.

This one happens to be by Cricut, and it allows your crafter to upload their content via a PC, Mac, iPad, or iPhone, and cut the image however they life with a variety of tools. Place any material from paper to iron-on, to anything in between, in the machine. You won't believe how much time this erases!

Storage is a crafter's best friend, especially when they want to remain organized, and make each project easier. With the use of a storge cart, this will be a peice of cake.

They can dedicate a certain material or tool to each of these drawers, with help from the color-coded options, and be able to go straight to the right place every time. As one of the most practical gift ideas for crafters, your friend will adore this addition to their crafting space.

Mugs are not one of the most typical gift ideas for crafters, but this one is designed with your handy friend in mind. This "makers gonna make" mug would be great to be sipped on mid-DIY project.

We are sure they will love this addition to their kitchen. It can even inspire them to get working on a new project. Plus, this is a great option for the crafter who seems to have it all, already. And you don't have to step foot in the overwhelming place that is the craft store.


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