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Why You Should Be Supporting Local Restaurants

How supporting your local restaurant can make a significant difference to your community.

By Cyndi BernstielPublished about a year ago 3 min read

The pandemic and financial constraints have brought the restaurant industry to its knees - along with countless other industries and professions. Many establishments have been forced to close their doors permanently.

Unsurprisingly, this has a ripple effect on local economies, as the closure of restaurants has led to job losses and a decline in revenue for the surrounding businesses. In these trying times, supporting local restaurants is more important than ever.

In this article, we'll discuss the reasons why you should be supporting local restaurants and the impact they can have on your community.

Help Small Businesses Survive

Contrary to popular belief - small businesses are the backbone of local economies. Restaurants are no exception. By supporting local restaurants, you are helping to keep them afloat during these difficult times. Many local restaurants have had to lay off staff or reduce their hours due to the pandemic, and they need the support of their communities to stay in business. By ordering takeout, delivery, or dining in at your favorite local restaurant, you directly support the livelihoods of the staff working there.

Boost the Local Economy

When you spend money at a local restaurant, that money stays in the community. Local restaurants often source their ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, which helps to support other small businesses in the area. The money spent at local restaurants also supports the local tax base, which can help fund essential community services like schools, parks, and public safety.

Preserves Local Culture

Local restaurants often offer unique dining experiences that reflect the culture and traditions of the community. By supporting these restaurants, you are helping to preserve the local culture and heritage. These restaurants often offer dishes passed down through generations. When you support local restaurants, you are helping to keep these traditions alive.

Offers Better Quality Food

Local restaurants often use fresh, locally sourced ingredients, which can result in better quality food. These restaurants usually have close relationships with the farmers and suppliers who provide their ingredients, which ensures that the food is fresh and of the highest quality. Local restaurants also have more control over their ingredients, which means they can offer healthier, more sustainable options.

Builds Community

Local restaurants are often at the heart of the community. They provide a space for people to come together and connect. These restaurants often host community events, such as fundraisers and food drives, which help to bring people together for a common cause. By supporting local restaurants, you are helping to build a sense of community and belonging in your area.

Supports Sustainable Practices

Local restaurants often prioritize sustainable practices, such as using compostable packaging and reducing waste. They are also more likely to source their ingredients from local farmers and suppliers, which reduces the carbon footprint associated with transportation. By supporting local restaurants, you are helping to support these sustainable practices, which can positively impact the environment.

It Provides a Unique Experience

Local restaurants often offer a unique dining experience that chain restaurants cannot provide. These restaurants often have a distinctive atmosphere and décor that reflects the personality of the owners and the community. By supporting local restaurants, you support these unique experiences that cannot be replicated at chain restaurants.

There are many reasons why you should be supporting local restaurants. By doing so, you are helping to keep small businesses afloat, boosting the local economy, preserving local culture, offering better quality food, building community, supporting sustainable practices, and providing a unique dining experience. During these difficult times, supporting local restaurants and the people who work there is more critical than ever. So the next time you're looking for a place to eat, consider supporting a local restaurant.


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Cyndi Bernstiel has spent her career studying arson investigations and other potential fraud cases. She currently lives in Blue Bell, PA, and works as a litigator for large insurance companies.

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