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Why Data Is Important For Leaders In Choosing Wellness Programs

Overcoming The Hype Of The Wellness Industry

By Cody Dakota Wooten, C.B.C.Published 3 months ago 3 min read

If Leaders are to succeed in the future, they will need to cultivate their teams and set them up to succeed.

The track record around accomplishing this has been... terrible.

Marketers are great at making things "sound" great though.

We all have been told how "Leadership" and "Wellness" programs will be necessary for businesses to succeed.

This is true - creating new Leaders that stay at organizations and providing resources to help employees' mental health will be essential to long-term success.

There is a lot of money spent on accomplishing this every year, and these programs tend to be VERY expensive.

But are they actually working?

This is where data becomes essential to see the truth.

I was reading a report from RI that spoke about the data that is extremely important for Leaders to understand:

"Our data confirms the growing evidence that young people and particularly young female employees are significantly more at risk for anxiety and depression symptoms... The situation appears to worsen desite the investments made in mental health."

That is extremely important to understand.

The situation appears to worsen DESPITE the investments made in mental health.

What does this mean?

Organizations are spending MORE money to improve something.

YET it is getting worse!

What does this mean?

The "trendy" solutions DON'T work.

It's the same problem with "Leadership Development", which completely FAILS 80% of the time.

Smart Leaders understand that putting MORE money into something that DOESN'T work is a poor decision.

Yet, it happens all the time!

Why is this happening in Wellness?

It's simple - most of the solutions are band-aids that don't solve the real problems.

In the moment, they might "feel" good, but they have no lasting effects.

Though individual moments may "feel" good, the overall truth is that the situation is rapidly getting WORSE with the hyped-up trendy solutions.


The truth is that most solutions don't actually understand how Stress works.

See, Stress is a literal reaction in the body, and more technically it is called "Oxidative Stress".

The more Oxidative Stress we have, the closer we get to Dis-Stress.

When we go into Dis-Stress, there is literal damage that occurs in our body.

This damage actually has the potential to damage our DNA!

Things like Meditation or Breathing practices don't actually fix any of the damage - they may mentally "feel" good in the moment, but the damage still exists.

If we do not first fix the damage from Oxidative Stress, our Resilience over time will simply diminish as we go into Burnout.

However, the further problem is that nearly 80% of the workforce is already in Burnout!

The only way to fix the Burnout is to Reduce overall Stress (and remember, ALL Stress adds), AND fix the Dis-Stress damage.

If programs do not first do both of these, they will have NO effect in improving wellness.

What is worse is that if we have all of the employees in the same workplace (as so many companies are strong-arming employees into doing against their will, creating more Dis-Stress), the employees can actually make each other worse!

This is a function of our Nuerocardiology, one of our "Brain Systems" which we have 4.

One person's Stress can literally worsen another person's Stress, and with enough people experiencing this, you get a toxic work environment.

There is a reason that we are experiencing the highest levels of Toxic workplaces we have ever seen, DESPITE billions of dollars wasted on "Leadership Development" and "Wellness".

From the Data that is continuing to come out, it is clear to see the truth.

The vast majority of "Wellness" programs DON'T work, and paying for them is a surefire way to waste money to accomplish nothing.

Look at the Data, see the Truth, and quit falling for the Hype!

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